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Show No.Show DateShow InfoLinks to Watch
64Friday 30th October 2020
63Thursday 29th October 2020
62Wednesday 28th October 2020
61Tuesday 27th October 2020
60Monday 26th October 2020
59Friday 16th October 2020Frieda talks going back to work after transitioning, Iain and Katherine are joined by Imani Coppola who talks Coronavirus, Racial profiling and Making music, Katherine resides over the unban court, Rob's date and another classic episode of changing roomsTwitch: LINK
58Thursday 15th October 2020The Thursday quiz continues with Chris' generation game, Bod's had a drink and talks struggling and doesn't listen to Iain, Dave returns with another album quiz, James and Jenna's crack or crease, Nikki's real logo quiz, Lee's films described poorly, Nelly returns for more blue or false, Kate's lip reading decider and Kazuko's Karaoke KlubTwitch: LINK
57Wednesday 14th October 2020Iain's poweful new song and new glasses, Castle, who they raided last night phones in, Bod talks breaking up with his girlfriend but still caring about her daughter who is self harming and talks himself attempting suicide, Some people try and prank and Sinjin might have Covid?Twitch: LINK
56Tuesday 13th October 2020Iain makes a dad call, Iain is obsessed with Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, ,Muller corner, Iain hates stranger things?, Sinjin talks american foods, Pass the chaton and a caller gets very angry, swears and insults IainTwitch: LINK
55Monday 12th October 2020The status quo movie, Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, Katherine finds a new career?, Russ talks not being looked after by the Army and drivings celebrities, Nathan "Barry" Naoime are hammered, Ranir from Germany stumbles on the stream and Jasmin's experiments and Iain's studying the history of the anus?Twitch: LINK
54Friday 9th October 2020The fatman movie trailer, Katherine gets her gavel out for some unban requests, Discussing what your why is, Tommy Steele, A little bit of Viz, Liam talks driving his kids round to get them to sleep and missing their young age, Iain and Katherine enjoy an awkward Changing Rooms and Paul is awarded with an MBE!Twitch: LINK
53Thursday 8th October 2020That Silly Quiz That We Do continues with treasure or tat with paintings, Lisa's movie song quiz, Alistair's advert quiz, Nicky's landmark quiz, Noi's family fortunes, Gatford's fridge memory quiz and Nelly's blue or falseTwitch: LINK
52Wednesday 7th October 2020White dog poo, The viewers set the topics, What rubbish have you got?, Pete on moving back home, Christopher updates on how he is doing after his last call and a look through some of the people streaming on TwitchTwitch: LINK
51Tuesday 6th October 2020Does the show need to have a chat, Mike talks waking up and having a heart attack, Writer Jem Roberts joins on Zoom and talks his book 'Fab Fools : The Last Ever Untold Beatles Story', Lee needs jokes help, Iain and Katherine go 3D and Paul and Eoin talk making musicTwitch: LINK
50Monday 5th October 2020The show starts early, Michael and his slipper tree, Iain pranks talkRADIO, Iain talks having an issue with his dad, Alternative Christmas day meals, Iain and Katherine play among us, Paul talks his show on Scala radio and Alistair's 17 months being soberTwitch: LINK
49Friday 2nd October 2020Iain and Katherine talk last nights raid, Iain hardcore games, Paul talks presenting a show on Scala radio for black history month, Iain becomes Bond, Another episode of changing rooms and A lot of people join a zoom call for the endTwitch: LINK
48Thursday 1st October 2020The Thursday night quiz continues, Gatford's postcode lottery, Dave's older or younger when they died records game, Kate's song lyrics, Lisa's celebrity baby pictures, Scott Balcony's pop quiz with embroidery and Nelly's blue or false quiz about porn parodiesTwitch: LINK
47Wednesday 30th September 2020Alistair talks his relapse, Captain Sexsea who they raided last night is a scammer and talks his SSH Shag-O-Lot, Capricorn One, Unboxing goodies and Iain and Katherine watch You bet!Twitch: LINK
46Tuesday 29th September 2020Iain talks relapsing twice in the last week, what he's doing to deal with it and how Katherine is coping too, Huw Actor talks buyable UFOs, Dave talks struggling and having to use the Samaritans and Iain and Katherine go down eastenders song laneTwitch: LINK
45Friday 25th September 2020Paul returns for round 2 with more balls?, Shakin' Stevens, Nigel in Maidstone gives us another song, Simon talks Iain's old LBC shows and the no presenter show which didn't work, Frozen oranges, The Rutles, Iain's manky foot and Another classic episode of changing roomsTwitch: LINK
44Thursday 24th September 2020Iain's car breaks down on the way to his new college course, That silly quiz we do continues with Dave's play your cards right with albums, Neil's actual play your cards right, Cameron in Australia talks having incomplete paraplegia, Kate's music quiz on Kahoot, Nigel in Maidstone's struggling with no food and Nina's lyrical of love gameTwitch: LINK
43Wednesday 23rd September 2020Nearly running over a celebrity & pictures of you with celebrities, Big boy gets his nosh on, Rewatching Lost, Iain plays his ukulele, Calling random payphones, Darryl Morris' grandparents can't end zoom calls, Visiting radio around the world on the radio garden and Nigel in Maidstone talks MileyTwitch: LINK
42Tuesday 22nd September 2020New callers only, Iain calls random numbers, Jim Bob formely of Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine joins on Zoom and chats not being able to write, His new album and Home demo's, Big boy cam gets action, Retro Faith who was raided yesterday phones in and chats retro and streaming, Paul has an argument with Iain after Paul makes up a story, lies about calling Iain and gets rude with IainTwitch: LINK
41Monday 21st September 2020Iain introduces the BBC (Big Boy Cam), A caller feels paranoid, Iain talks puking live on air and being worried, Iain's manky foot, Miriam's bucket carrying hands, Nigel in Maidstone on Julian Clary and sings The Wonder of You, Freddie Starr and Huw Actor's solution to the coronavirus involves a frozen orange?Twitch: LINK
40Friday 18th September 2020Internet issues, Singer Nick Garrie joins on Zoom who chats and plays some music, An Allan Beswick prank call, Iain and Katherine's Mini song and Iain and Katherine watch another episode of changing roomsTwitch: LINK
39Tuesday 15th September 2020Iain and Katherine play the electric shock lightning reaction game, The AA promises, The fastest rubix cubes, Nigel in Maidstone talks Kristen Stewart and sings Nigel Time, Pete talks taking the DMT drug and Iain visits Bride of Christ on Periscope for a love bombTwitch: LINK
38Monday 14th September 2020Iain was nearly murdered? and talks doing step 5, Professor Joe Laevens phones in and chats the news story about life on Venus, Takes questions from Twitter, His wife Barbinkium 23 and Star trek alien farting puns, Limmy bottles it and Iain and Katherine delve into another episode of changing roomsTwitch: LINK
37Friday 11th September 2020Iain breaks his gramophone, Dick and Dom join on Zoom and chat RI:SE, Their new app and podcast, Being out of favour in the industry and Getting an OFCOM?, Iain presenting Meet the Beckhams, Nigel in Maidstone does a song for his dad and Christopher talks being sexually abused at 10, the police closing the investigation and struggling to get the abuser to admit to itTwitch: LINK
36Thursday 10th September 2020It's round 2 of Iain vs Katherine in the quiz of all quizzes, Dave's second game of odd one out, Ollie challenges them both to a drawing game, Movie, Actor & Character, Hugh Jackman, Pete's doctor who quiz, Foggy's pointless quiz, Nelly's paint or porn and Chantal's price is rightTwitch: LINK
35Wednesday 9th September 2020Iain is COVID free, KISS, James talks being exploited by African TV, Daniel has an issue with his friend, Spam takes over the chat and the show, Jonathan asks can you have unselfish love and being addicted to porn, Sinjin challenges Iain to bean boozled and Stu rings in and opens up after arguing with Iain in chat, Twitch: LINK
34Tuesday 8th September 2020The show happens on Zoom as Katherine does the show from her home, Iain talks Tenet and TV show forever, Alistair opens up and talks making amends and changing his behaviour, Iain and Katherine have a 5 minute silence with Lisa and Johnathan, Techincal issues take over, What's the point of this? and Stephen treats us to a songTwitch: LINK
33Monday 7th September 2020Iain's got a cold, Mark Dolan's mask stunt, Iain and Katherine delve into black magic, A caller wants to talk about COVID hotspots, Hugh won the lottery?, Iain and Katherine watch the big shop and Chat keeps telling Iain he has COVIDTwitch: LINK
32Thursday 3rd September 2020Cat cam goes crazy, sinjin rings in after Iain raided him last night, Nigel in Maidstone gets cheeky and sings a song, Iain's love song to Scott Balcony and the annual Iain vs Katherine quiz where people ring up and challenge them to their quizTwitch: LINK
31Wednesday 2nd September 2020Iain introduces cat cam, Iain and Katherine go to the cinema to watch Dirty Dancing, Tatty talks moving from Scotland to the bottom of the UK, Monkey Magic, Lee talks having a camera down his penis and Iain and Katherine watch loud chiropractic adjustment cracks on YouTubeTwitch: LINK
30Tuesday 1st September 2020Iain talks doing a channel 4 show talking about the 11 o'clock show and Iain finds out Ian Royce has passed away so ends the show early as he isn't feeling up to itTwitch: LINK
(From 28:52)
29Monday 31st August 2020Iain's internet goes down, The Modathon, Musician Will Varley joins on Zoom who chats and sings!, Iain's sexy songs of the world, Iain talks recording a 40 years of Channel 4 show and Noel Edmonds swap shopTwitch: (Part 1) LINK
(Part 2) LINK
28Friday 28th August 2020Iain's haircut, visit to the cinema to see Tenet and verruca update, Iain and Katherine get disgusted at the toe doctor, Kids turning to YouTube for entertainment and Iain and Katherine enjoy another episode of changing roomsTwitch: LINK
27Thursday 27th August 2020It's a spooky special, Katherine gets sick of Iain's ukulele, Groped by a ghost, Josh and James Barry joins on Zoom and chats lockdown, documentaries about old showbiz and Josh's new book, Steven sings a song, Iain and Katherine receive a health and safety inspection and Gary's been selling drugs?Twitch: LINK
26Wednesday 26th August 2020Iain does a chill first hour because it's been too noisy, Raymond has a nice sleep, Pete takes over the stream with Whats on the Plates? Michelle talks being sexually abused for 20 years by her uncle and Punflower, who Iain raided last night, talk livestreamingTwitch: LINK
(From 26:25)
25Tuesday 25th August 2020The Bradford factor, Iain as Uri Geller, Jennie McAlpine joins on Zoom and chats I'm a celebrity, plays a round of Adam Ant, Taking mental health hours, Daniel was the fast runner in Keith's videos?, Welsh Chris returns and gets angry and upset again and Nigel in Maidstone has been talking to a Miley Cyrus scammerTwitch: LINK
24Monday 24th August 2020The Bee Gees, Dougie Anderson joins the show on Zoom and chats his new film, The Jack Docherty Show, Celebrity friends and Shia LaBeouf, The Tyne & Wear Metro Musical, David Turner is sick of Iain's threats and Juke box juryTwitch: LINK
(From 07:01)
23Friday 21st August 2020Frieda talks going to work for the first time since transitioning, Iain and Katherine are joined by Dr Kate Lister who runs 'Whores of Yore' on Twitter and chats WAP, Sex during Coronavirus and watching porn, Yasmin talks hypersexualization of black women, Nina wants to find an old friend, Changing rooms teapot disaster and the winner of the slogan contest is revealed!Twitch: LINK
(From 10:49)
22Thursday 20th August 2020Iain explains why there was no show yesterday and talks leaving his record label and therapist, Iain gets his Songlorious song back, Combatsam claims Iain shouldn't be spending his money after asking for subs and donations, Dave reminds Iain he put him off in a Call of Duty event, RandomBritishDude rings in with his twin! and a classic call on Allan Beswick about Anne and her alexaTwitch: LINK
(From 04:03)
21Tuesday 18th August 2020Iain's verruca removal, Happy Tree's first Twitch call, Doing Cameo, Actor and singer Noel Sullivan joins on Zoom and talks the west end, lockdown and his new film and Iain finds out he worked with Pharrell WilliamsYouTube: LINK
20Monday 17th August 2020Iain gets some new audio toys, Stuart asks if he should still listen to Morrissey because he's racist, James Buckley joins the show on Zoom and chats living in a Coronavirus world, Meeting DanTDM with Iain, Getting negative comments, The inbetweeners reunion and His Twitch channel and Iain and Katherine watch some Denis Norden, George and Yoko, Clive Anderson with The Bee Gees and awkward interviewsTwitch: LINK
(From 11:24)
19Friday 14th August 2020David talks phoning Iain in 2018 after his wife passed away and how him and his daughter are doing now, Iain and Katherine get a song written for the show and then learn the East Hill Shopping Center commercial song, Katie saw Cliff Richard filming Wired for Sound?, Iain and Katherine watch local shopping adverts and Pablo tries to apologise after tweeting nasty stuff months agoTwitch: LINK
(From 11:27)
18Thursday 13th August 2020Iain wants to hack Zoom?, The kingdom of Paul, Iain watches some Indian music videos, Iain gets angry with chat, Martin and Iain argue after Martin tells him how to do his stream, John is angry at being banned and for donating £1 to Iain and Sam argues with Iain after he is timed out for getting around the swear filterTwitch: LINK
(From 11:10)
17Wednesday 12th August 2020Starting early, Katherine's birthday, Iain and Gatford argue about heroes, Iain throws a strop, Blindfold rubix cube, The Brady Bunch, Brett Goldstein joins on zoom to talk his podcast 'Films To Be Buried With' and Dealing with the Coronavirus, Iain invites and chats to random people on Zoom and Michelle updates us on the show baby!Twitch: LINK
16Tuesday 11th August 2020It's too hot, New callers only, Angelos Epithemiou joins on Zoom and talks getting back into TV, Having the Russian Coronavirus vaccine, His new song and Getting hypnotized, Nina on joining Twitch as scudgesucker? and plays 20 questions, The gender divide in calls and Paddy, the son of a famous streaker phones inTwitch: LINK
(From 29:33)
15Monday 10th August 2020Euan, who phoned the radio show, updates on his drinking problem, People not wearing masks, Gatford talks losing another toe, Scott Balcony catches up with Iain, Iain goes on a trip down Stars in their eyes memory lane and finishes the stream with some Marbles on stream!Twitch: LINK
(From 13:40)
14Thursday 6th August 2020Barry from Watford joins the show on Zoom and chats dusty gooch, Barry's little tentacle, Lionel Blair, and minty biscuits, Paul phones up angry after Iain told him to F off in chat, James talks winning a shoe on Iain's old radio show, Mike Love's angry rant, Bands that have numbers in them and My foof is on fire?Twitch: LINK
13Wednesday 5th August 2020Huw gets Iain and Katherine to act with him, Gail Porter joins the show on Zoom and talks lockdown, her dads passing, being rejected for the jungle? and Iain talks crystal meth with her, Katherine becomes a meme?, TLNA for kids only?, Neil is upset with Katherine? and Iain revisits some of his RI:SE show!Twitch: LINK
12Tuesday 4th August 2020Iain talks his trip to court, Pete Heat comes on to discuss his magic zoom shows and does some tricks!, Nigel in Maidstone does Lady and the Tramp, Iain calls Kelly Betts to find out if they're still friends, David talks the TV industry being cutthroat and The Jack Docherty ShowTwitch: LINK (From 11:22)
11Monday 3rd August 2020Huw is making a movie and worked in a call centre with aliens?, Dexys Midnight Runners, lots of kids try and prank, Iain gets very musical and sings an original John Lewis ad?. Jobby plays a round of articulate and Iain & Katherine relive The Coventry Market MusicalTwitch: LINK (From 10:37)
10Friday 31st July 2020Iain hides the Bond, Pass the ChatOn returns, where a caller gets cut off as soon as another phones in, Iain talks not enjoying his counselling course anymore?, Nelly introduces his articulate but with sounds game and Vix talks moving home and her mum surviving cancerTwitch: LINK (From 13:11)
9Thursday 30th July 2020Iain & Katherine are joined by Rufus hound who talks lockdown, 20 years before we die? and he gets sexy, Aaron talks flat earthers, Iain revisits some jungle memories, A person phones in after 12 years, RandomBritishDude talks his mum struggling, Iain talks taking responsibility and Laura sings Both Sides, Now by Joni MitchellTwitch: LINK (From 12:12)
8Wednesday 29th July 2020Where's Pierce Brosnan hiding?,Adam Ant's awkward The Word interview, Dan asks if he should get into pirate radio, The smaller or taller game, Other Dan threatens David Attenborough?, Gerry takes us on a trip to see a cat, Michael talks finding your voice and cancel culture and Lee discusses having a racist dadTwitch: LINK
7Tuesday 28th July 2020Iain and Katherine are joined by Steven Page who chats and sings, Iain shows Steven his original songs, Iain is worried about the numbers on the Twitch show, James gets weird, Katherine talks women getting comments about their appearance, Iain becomes James Bond and get stuffed!Twitch: LINK
6Monday 27th July 2020Iain and Katherine are joined by Keith Malley & Chemda from Keith and The Girl who talks Chemda as a singer, The coronavirus and Keith roasts a person in chat, Simon in the New Forest talks falling out with his family over opposing political views, Revisiting winner takes all and Bruce talks leaving poo after burgling? and IndonesiaTwitch: LINK
5Friday 24th July 2020Iain fires out two songs, Katherine is followed by Paul McCartney, Alistair talks receiving a diabetes diagnosis, Ginger beard Mark on interviewing people and Iain phones Sam, his talkRADIO tech op to see if he remembers a list from ages agoTwitch: LINK
4Thursday 23rd July 2020Iain's internet goes down, Katie Puckrik joins Iain and Katherine who talks a drug using neighbour, Finding love in Covid and books, Iain chats with Random British Dude about streaming, Michael talks Iain's lost stuff and possibly revisiting it and friend of Iain, Emma rings up!Twitch: LINK
3Wednesday 22nd July 2020Iain and Katherine are joined by Mike McCartney who talks photograhy, Pete Best, Paul, Singing in China and the NHS, Tyler is 13 and in a foster home, Iain's shop rage, Animal sounds around the world and Mark talks life in the Cayman IslandsTwitch: LINK
2Tuesday 21st July 2020Rambo, Favourite potatoes, Katie is upset with a friend, Iain's done with the industry?, Leenus finds Iain again after a few years, Robin talks Tinder, Carl talks lockdown in Sweden, Nigel in Maidstone's been told coronavirus lies and Iain donates $40 to a 13 year oldTwitch: LINK
1Monday 20th July 2020Iain & Katherine return, Iain goes vegan, Bob Mortimer joins Iain and chats his wife's missing back, hospital visits, living in lockdown and fast running Keith?, Alistair's new job, Jacqui talks not realising her daughter had ADHD, Rating men with fish and Nigel in Maidstone does it's Nigel's time!Twitch: LINK
Show No.Show DateShow InfoLinks to Watch