The Late Night Alternative on Twitch

Show No.Show DateShow InfoLinks to Watch
188Wednesday 30th June 2021The final TLNA on Twitch, Paul Simon and John Lennon, More from the best bits of 2021, Nelly's Blue or False returns, The secret to the pradeep and The end of the Twitch era comes to a weird conclusionTwitch: LINK
187Tuesday 29th June 2021Iain gets musical, Katherine new kittens, More classic calls from Allan Beswick, David Turners septic balls, Katherine's nightmare weekend, The problem with hot tub streamers and the first part of the best of TLNA for 2021Twitch: LINK
186Friday 25th June 2021Scott Balcony's One Britain, The Matt Hancock story, Iain's got a new shirt, Retro Faith's sonic gig, A guy rings up after being banned twice, Judge Boyle gets her hammer out, Domino's pizza & Abducted by a tree?Twitch: LINK
185Wednesday 23rd June 2021Iain talks having his second vaccine and saving some ducks, Iain does everyone knows it's windy, Katherine does different drum, Alistair does Lola, Cawfee talk does locomotive breath, Awkward silences with Paul and Katherine opens up about seperating from her husband after 15 yearsTwitch: LINK
184Tuesday 22nd June 2021Iain talks going to an anti-lockdown march, interviewing people and handing out free masks?, Jim has done a murder?, Martin finds Iain again after Absolute Radio, ChuChu Rocket, Love island bums and a group call gets weird at the endTwitch: LINK
183Friday 18th June 2021Iain does an early morning Friday show, Iain goes head to head with Gatford, Katherine joins the show on Zoom with other callers, GB News, advertisers and go woke or go broke?, The BBC bias? and everyone discusses talkRADIO, COVID, mean tweets and cursed BrightonTwitch: Part 1: LINK
Part 2: LINK
182Wednesday 16th June 2021Iain does the show solo, starting at 6.30am, Iain talks his white blood cells and tablets, Julie talks training to be a counselor and getting a placement, Iain does a meditation, Rob talks doing dog walking for a living and Iain is going to an anti-lockdown march?Twitch: LINK
181Tuesday 15th June 2021Iain talks doing step 4, Jamie is giving up weed and had a strange dream?, The media show, The final episode of the Pleasure Beach documentary and Katherine gets upset after finding it hard recentlyTwitch: LINK
180Friday 11th June 2021The cursed Brighton show, New merch, The vaccine makes you magnetic?, Iain and Katherine open more post they've been sent, Alistair's new haircut, Mat, Sean, David and James from The Computer Games Show, Judge Boyle decides over more unban requests, Ladysplaining and Sinjin and Iain get feistyTwitch: LINK
179Wednesday 9th June 2021It's Iain's Birthday special!, Rainbow George is launching a new party!, Iain's Birthday PO box openings, Bag of wank and The rest of episode 5 of the Pleasure Beach documentaryTwitch: LINK
178Tuesday 8th June 2021Eyes of a killer, Going back to the cinema, Long egg production, You stay on until you get a question wrong with top trivia questions, David Turners sore bollocks, Sinjin's UK snacks, Amy accidentally calls on a ride in Chessington and The start of episode 5 of the Pleasure beach documentaryTwitch: LINK
177Monday 7th June 2021Iain's starting a band?, Vulgar Zoom meetings, Someone's stolen Iain's songs?, Danny Baker's rant, Episode 4 of the Pleasure Beach documentary, Stefan's having a shocker and Divorcing because of fanny?Twitch: LINK
176Friday 4th June 2021The beatles keep on giving?, Niko Omilana joins the show and talks running for London mayor and his YouTube channel, Judge Boyle gets her gavel out, 70s bands giveaways and James Corden vs Patrick StewartTwitch: LINK
175Wednesday 2nd June 2021Iain starts the show with some songs, Penises and hugging, 70s bands giveaways, The Bowie statue, ADHD interviews, Paypal frauds, Washing machines and The 70s bands kicks offTwitch: LINK
174Tuesday 1st June 2021Rainbow George's dying message?, Dirty dog chat, Putting bread in the fridge?, PO box openings, More from the Pleasure Beach documentary, Iain creates some beautiful music, Iain and Katherine recreate a classic call from the talkRADIO show and Professor Joe Laevens comes on to talk about the recent UFO appearancesTwitch: LINK
173Wednesday 26th May 2021Iain's cats need calming down, F off Gatford?, Claiming more bands from the 60s, Laziness does not exist, Katherine's dental work, Rob wants war for a band, Elvis on heroin? and More from the Pleasure Beach documentaryTwitch: LINK
172Tuesday 25th May 2021It's an ironing special, Starting fires, Nelly challenges Iain to a brace off, Iain gets his guitar out, Deepfake Tom Cruise, Pete trolls Allan Beswick, Iain was abused by Carol Kaye in an e-mail? and more from the Pleasure Beach documentaryTwitch: LINK
171Monday 24th May 2021Iain plays the call he got from Twox yesterday, Which 60s bands do you want to claim?, More from the Blackpool Pleasure Beach documentary, The Cardiacs, Can you die from a sneeze? & I hate JRTwitch: LINK
170Friday 21st May 2021Iain's cheeky Facebook marketplace person, Tony Hall is a knob?, I have my beans, Iain's beautiful songs, Grange Hill at the White House?, Iain turns off the video and it becomes a radio show, Tim talks making a movie on Prime Video, More Sky star search and The Blackpool Pleasure Beach documentaryTwitch: LINK
169Wednesday 19th May 2021Sorting out the patreon tiers, Iain talks making amends with a teacher, Roger does worse than racsim on Alan Beswick, More PO box openings, Katia talks being friends with someone with opposing views and The pleasure beach documentariesTwitch: LINK
168Tuesday 18th May 2021Iain's new TikTok career, Iain talks the Twitch show he did with no host, Another classic Allan Beswick call, Iain and Katherine enjoy some more of the TV show 'Boys will be girls', Blind date and some Chris MorrisTwitch: LINK
167Monday 17th May 2021Rox box collectibles, The five stairsteps, Iain's indoor skydiving accident, Iain attacked by bigger boy again, Eye yoga exercises and the first episode of boys will be girlsTwitch: Part 1 LINK
Part 2 LINK
166Friday 14th May 2021TLNA as the Addams Family, Allan Beswick doesn't like dirty jokes, Katherine decides if more people should be banned, Singer, Liam Bailey joins on Zoom and talks playing the Jazz Cafe in July and sings, Sky star search and Lisa Marie returnsTwitch: LINK
165Wednesday 12th May 2021Terrible Beach Boys songs, Cracking an egg on a dinky?, Trying out TikTok, The arena Blackpool documentary from 1989 and a little bonus stream for patreonsTwitch: LINK
164Tuesday 11th May 2021Iain and Katherine get a barrage of abuse from someone on Twitter, They then try and become TikTok stars, Emma Grace joins on Zoom who talks streaming on Twitch and sings on the guitar, Another classic call about Nicola Sturgeon on Beswick, An awkward date on Blind Date and some classic Dial a DateTwitch: LINK
163Monday 10th May 2021Milky Daniel cannot be heard, Katherine's funny Twitter lols, Katherine's kitten, Fresh Prince pranks, Some new faces from 1976, Snog, Marry, Avoid and 1970s sloughTwitch: LINK
162Friday 7th May 2021Milky Daniel waffles on, Iain's on some new meds, Kids singing songs, Author, Jem Roberts joins and talks his new book "Fab Fools: The Last Ever Untold Beatles Story", Katherine returns to the court to rule over more unban requests and June Millington from the rock band Fanny joins on ZoomTwitch: LINK
161Wednesday 5th May 2021Classic adverts from the 1980s, Iain and Katherine talk about supply teachers and struggling with it, Bet Lynch, Pete Townsend, Keith Moon, Iain says he'd like to work in radio again and In bed with Chris NeedhamTwitch: LINK
160Tuesday 4th May 2021The cursed Brighton show audio, Blocking people on Twitter, A caller won't swear at Iain, talks books and wants Iain and Katherine in a hot tub but makes a misogynistic joke, Nigel in Maidstone has a water infection, The float game and Iain and Katherine listen to the awkward Brighton show argumentTwitch: LINK
159Monday 3rd May 2021It's a bank holiday special, Iain dresses as a morris dancer, Iain and Katherine announce the show is coming to an end on Twitch but is continuing on Patreon, The tombola of prizes, Adam talks life in Hong Kong, Iain talks coming off his pills and Iain gets angry with Katia but in FrenchTwitch: LINK
158Wednesday 28th April 2021 Iain talks Twitch promoting girls in bikini's and not agreeing with the rules, Iain argues with Dan who says there is too much censorship, Yes or no, call us now, Iain talks getting the vaccine, Do you want to play a game? and David talks having body image issuesTwitch: LINK
157Tuesday 27th April 2021 Skype causes some tensions, Alistair's getting a cat, Katherine books her vaccine, The gifts of imperfection, David van day, Frank Sidebottom songs, The Princess Diana musical finally reaches it's climax and Katherine and Sinjin talk the death of Diana and the reaction to itTwitch: LINK
156Monday 26th April 2021 Tier 3 meetings, Fanny, Cheryl Baker vs David Van Day, Iain talks being anxious and scared about college, More classic Allan Beswick, A hand in the PO box?, Iain wants a billboard for the show, Lulu talks her mum passing away, Subway exposed?, Tiktoks and The great egg eatingTwitch: LINK
155Friday 23rd April 2021 Jeff goes rougue, Janell's got a new pet and talks possibly going back to music, Iain plays a great call from the stereo app, Judge Boyle decides if more dicks deserve to be unbanned, Another classic call from Allan Beswick, Iain takes calls live on the stereo app and Jack talks learning Japanese and having an out of body experienceTwitch: LINK
154Wednesday 21st April 2021An unknown caller is a bell to Iain, The big boy appeal, Iain does a live COVID test, Musician Luke Haines joins on Zoom and chats his new record, The IKEA TikTok man, The man obsessed with perfume, Max talks having imposter syndrome and Chris is a pro Tony Hawk gamerTwitch: LINK
153Tuesday 20th April 2021The first day of the new TLNA schedule, Art Garfunkel wigs, Iain pranks and gives tips to Scott Balcony, Where does poo come from, the song, Cancelled for being a white hetrosexual male?, Sherrif JP Anderson has a bear problem, Looking back on TAG and Aurora talks dealing with social anxietyTwitch: LINK
152Monday 19th April 2021Someone's pissed on Iain's bed, Iain talks embracing his ADHD, Iain wants to start a new band, A Boney M. & Milli Vanilli rabbit hole, Iain and Katherine discuss dying, grief and losing weight, Fanny, the right to rock and a great and long game of deal or no deal with people on ZoomTwitch: LINK
151Friday 9th April 2021Compassionate Allan Beswick, Declan raids the show and phones in and talks being on Iain's old show, doing music on Twitch and he sings live, The Anonymous Tim's shooting game, Judge Boyle returns to decide if more people should be unbanned, The show goes without picture, Gatford gets stuck in a loop and Visited by aliens while streaming fitness?, Twitch: LINK
150Thursday 8th April 2021Early start, A South American serial killer?, The Sheriff of Nottingham phones in, Iain pranks Katherine, Frankfurter sandwiches, A caller claims psychiatry isn't based on science, Katherine's bend over song, Iain and Katherine enjoy the darts players wives documentary, David talks losing a close friend and feeling bad for not keeping contact, Katherine gets upset at her Grandma's passing, Talking religion, afterlife and a higher power and Kevin talks the two year anniversary of his brother taking his own life and trying to figure out whyTwitch: LINK
149Wednesday 7th April 2021Iain talks not being able to see his mum, Pete is having doubts about his WhatsOnTheTapes channel, Liam talks racism in the UK moving backwards and singing, Neil Diamond rapping?, Michael Ball at Eurovision and The guy who makes songs out of internet dramaTwitch: LINK
148Monday 5th April 2021The Mr Rogers movie, Iain's visit to the hospital after a cat scratch, A TV pilot Iain did with a Freddy Mercury impersonator song and Iain and Katherine enjoy some classic bullseyeTwitch: LINK
147Saturday 3rd April 2021An impromptu TLNA stream, Iain has a pregnant cat?, Iain and Katherine discuss last nights show and the racist language used, John talks fitting in at EDL rallies, Euro truck and AdidasTwitch: LINK
146Friday 2nd April 2021Iain talks people swearing at him and his son during a stream, Milky Daniel's great story, The music map, Captain Sexsea AKA Aaron joins on Zoom and talks his wife being pregnant, streaming on Twitch and Receiving $11,000 from Mr Beast, Judge Boyle has her work cut out for her with more unban requests and Racist kids?Twitch: LINK
145Thursday 1st April 2021Iain phones Allan Beswick, Real life co-op, Sinjin's 12 hour stream, Alistair talks upping his medication, Cherry tree talks covering up, Nigel in Maidstone scammed by Miley Cyrus?, A bunch of children phone up, Iain shows Emmzy his peen? and talks Emmzy getting Twitch partner and Matthew talks bipolar, schizophrenia and LSDTwitch: LINK
144Friday 26th March 2021Big boy talks?, More Beswick, Rainbow George returns?, Steven and Jason from The Beatles podcast, nothing is real, Ringo Starr on Blue Peter, More PO box opening, Judge Boyle returns, Iain wants a show baby? and What to do to pass time when you stop drinkingTwitch: LINK
143Monday 22nd March 2021Classic 80s Beswick, Iain talks meeting his mum, Taking breaks for mental health, Iain and Katherine chat with a bigfoot tracker, Jim Sherman, Iain and Katherine announce a new schedule for the show and Sinjin does tittybate?Twitch: LINK
142Friday 19th March 2021The Snyder Cut is really dull?, Gatford suggests to start beef with a celebrity so Iain books a cameo from James Buckley, Katherine does Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft, Judge Boyle arrived to ban and unban more people and water gets spilled everywhere and ends the stream?Twitch: Part 1: LINK
Part 2: LINK
141Thursday 18th March 2021Iain opens up the Zoom, Milky Daniel doesn't make sense, Iain sings over his I'm a celeb footage, Scott Balcony comes live from the shop, Iain talks falling out with Howard Hughes and James Whale, More PO box openings, Nigel in Maidstone is going to stream on Twitch? and Roger's had the vaccineTwitch: LINK
140Wednesday 17th March 2021Captain Sexsea gets $11,000?, Iain lost his wallet, A caller sends dick pics to his mother?, Gatford talks being bullied at work and then gets into a fight with Pete, Beswick gets annoyed and a live webcam on Abbey Road reveals a famous person having their picture taken so Iain and Katherine try and find them!Twitch: LINK
139Tuesday 16th March 2021Promising Young Woman, Iain and Katherine discuss the change in time, Iain gets his moves out in the kitchen, Another strange call from Shafiq on Allan Beswick, Mike used to serve Beswick his shopping, Guy talks accepting jobs that go against your morals and the science behind deja vu?Twitch: LINK
138Monday 15th March 2021The show goes to 10am to 1pm for a week, Trolling a child, Jake and Claire take a call from Brazil?, Katherine does the weather and travel, Mr. Miyagi & Henry Winkler, Iain hurts his leg?, Tier 2 & 3 subs cause tension and Iain talks realising he is ADHDTwitch: LINK
137Friday 12th March 2021It's the 12x12x12x12x12, 12 hour special from 12pm to 12am, Iain singing Rhinestone Cowboy?, Bhupesh takes us on his collection of blood for delivery, Iain gets his guitar out, Iain cooks a stir fry for brunch, More of the Princess Diana musical, A penis ends the stream, Iain and Katherine pump off on Zoom with others, More PO box openings, Katia trolls over "Chomping at the bit", Iain and Katherine go on a Bruce Forsyth binge, Katherine's children have a complaint?, Cat feeding time, Iain and Katherine sing Don't You Want Me, Judge Boyle arrives to judge more unban requests from chat, An Allan Beswick Chelsea channel argument, AllMusicConsidered join on Zoom and sing some songs, Katherine talks how she got started in radio and how she met Iain and The Annonymous Tim plays shoot the plastic manTwitch: LINK
136Thursday 11th March 2021Musical start, The wombo app, Milky Daniel's got a new invention, Iain and Katherine discuss the Sarah Everard story and how women feel scared to go out alone, at night and the Not All Men hashtag, Emma talks going to gig and being groped and forced upon, Sol and Iain fall out over a comment in chat, Hello? and Porn or Pawn?Twitch: LINK
135Wednesday 10th March 2021You are sleeping you do not want to believe, Katherine plays The Queen's Gambit, New callers only, A dirty foot pervert phones in, Gambit UK. Human dogs?, Mad plotter makes outrageous claims, How to send an E-mail and a John Lennon song beyond the grave?Twitch: LINK
134Tuesday 9th March 2021Early start, Iain and Katherine discuss Alex Beresford calling out Piers Morgan, Piers leaving Good Morning Britain and the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview, Milky Daniel uses the N word?, Iain and Katherine sing Livin' Thing & Greased Lightning, My lemons are lemony leads a 10 minute meditation session, A hairy encounter in the woods with a pixie?, Nigel sings a song for Emmzy, The comedy improv bar opens, The reface app and a hidden apartment video makes the stream go spookyTwitch: LINK
133Monday 8th March 2021Milky Daniel makes no sense, 24 hour streams are impossible?, Alistair feels down after a call to Allan Beswick, Yes day, Iain has biopolar and ADHD?, Billy had a needle in his eye, More PO box goodies get opened, A caller phones in and is homophobic and Pete finds a new episode of changing rooms to watchTwitch: LINK
132Friday 5th March 2021Iain opens up Zoom and invites people in and polls chat to remove them, Scoot, who TLNA raided joins and talks being in the military and streaming on Twitch, Judge Boyle decides over more unban requests, More of the classic tv show 'The Hotel', Nigel is unsure about getting the vaccine and Chu Chu RocketTwitch: LINK
131Thursday 4th March 2021The heroes of Twitch join Iain and Katherine on Zoom, Sinjin, Pete & Emmzy join for the first hour and talk about being variety streamers and All Music Considered, Matt Walden & Janell join for hour 2 and talk about being music streamers, A hard days night, Vix wants advice on how to say no to someone, Andrew is celebrating 2 months sober and the colour blue isn't real?Twitch: LINK
130Wednesday 3rd March 2021Iain sorts out a lot of techincal stuff for the stream, DT wants to be the outside broadcaster for the show, Paul is going back to work in the royal scottish national orchestra, Mike says his ex girlfriend is a narcissist and is keeping his child from him, Iain wants a horn and DT returns with more updatesTwitch: LINK
129Tuesday 2nd March 2021Iain visits his mum and sister for the first time in months, Alistair is a traitor?, Iain comes back from the toilet a different man, Stephen sings a song, Iain and Katherine sing handle with care, More PO box openings, A German TV show where a woman chooses a sperm donor? and Iain destroys the callers Twitch: LINK
128Monday 1st March 2021Iain wants to do a 12x12x12x12x12 hour show, More from Allan Beswick, John wants to be unbanned, People try and bully Katherine into doing the 12 hour show, Iain and Katherine play Adam Ant with Zoom, Paul Stanley, More PO box openings, Someone calls Iain a C, Piers Morgan and Harrison was offended by a comment Iain made and it gets awkwardTwitch: LINK
127Thursday 25th February 2021Audio issues, Skype filters, A caller and his mate claims you can't talk about genders anymore and calls Iain a "failed prick", Iain wants rid of The Unexplained magazine, Katherine gets a hateful voice message, Kai is doing a 12 hour DJ marathon, Helium failures and A caller claims a clairvoyant wee'd in his mouth?Twitch: LINK
126Wednesday 24th February 2021Iain and Katherine are NOT in the mood after a day of Discord drama, Swearing on Beswick, A game of UNO with Richard, Paul and Gatford, Human sharks, More PO box openings with trolls, Katherine sings Billie Jo Spears - Blanket On The Ground and Discussions about ADHD and Autism with AaronTwitch: LINK
125Tuesday 23rd February 2021In and of itself, 2021 dollars, Beef claims she was locked in her room, Stupot claims the unban requests are done for entertainment and it's unfair, he then phones in to defend himself and it ends in an argument, Amy Sharrocks, Iain hates Sinjin?, Why is Matt bald?, Senneca won't have the vaccine because it "hasn't been approved" and More weird Japanese game showsTwitch: LINK
124Monday 22nd February 2021The show gets a discord server, Coming off venlafaxine, Beef talks looking out for a friend being bullied and dealing with being bullied herself, Some more PO box openings, Big boy shirt, World War Allan Beswick, More from making Slough happy, An argument from Allan Beswick's show slating the callers and Ringo Starr sex toys?Twitch: LINK
123Friday 19th February 2021Prateek is from Sri Lanka, works in tourism and gets random calls from the dial up app, Jay, who TLNA raided has three dogs and talks streaming on Twitch, Unsuccessful conversations, Emmzy is far right? and thanks TLNA for getting partner, Pete's disgusting back bit, Judge Boyle decides over more unban requests sent in by banned chatters, A caller has been scared of going outside for 7 months, Vix is struggling and catastrophizing and More classic Takeshi's castleTwitch: LINK
122Thursday 18th February 2021It's a space special with the Mars perseverance rover landing on Mars, Your skin turning blue?, Alistair comes live from Mars, A cat that can talk?, Iain & Katherine open the PO box gifts that they have been sent, David did a poo outside and his dog ate it, Iain and Katherine enjoy some Japanese game shows including slippery stairs, All star athletic games and Takeshi's castle, Gerry is struggling with his parkinson's and What's the first thing you'll do after things go back to normal?Twitch: LINK
121Wednesday 17th February 2021A supersized show, Iain does some new graphics for the show, Iain Sings a new song for Sinjin and then a lovely song for Katherine, Caterina Valente, Using gorilla glue on your hair?, Iain and Katherine try the TikTok balance challenge and Iain and Katherine chat with Elizaveta who does music on Twitch and is baed in LA and JapanTwitch: Part 1: LINK
Part 2: LINK
120Tuesday 16th February 2021Allan Beswicks bollocks, The show gets a PO box, Canadian musician, Craig Northey joins on Zoom and talks the Steven Page trio and doing TV, Kids in the hall, Katie catches up with Iain and Katherine, Iain doesn't think the show is funny, Sinjin learns some new words and Brandon teaches Iain and Katherine some cool signsTwitch: LINK
119Monday 15th February 2021Katherine is going to talk at Radio Academy's Women's Day, The dial up app, Iain and Katherine enjoy some more make Slough happy, Another classic Spanish game show and More of the hotel, The Anna Raeburn song, Nigel in Maidstone shit in a field and refused a blowjob? and a caller wants advice on how to stop drinkingTwitch: LINK
118Friday 12th February 2021It's a onesie special, Barry from Watford's son has beef, Some great Allan Beswick calls, Stuart talks feeling like a failure, Lenny Beige joins and talks his Neil Diamond tribute and sings love on the rocks, Judge Boyle gets her ban hammer out once again, A caller says Iain and Katherine are bullying callers, Aaron talks his uncle being diagnosed at 52 with aspergers and Nigel ends the show with a songTwitch: LINK
117Thursday 11th February 2021Milky Daniel's dreams, A caller lies about his dreams so Iain questions him, Denny cliams the Coronavirus is a man made myth, A withheld caller says Iain got famous for being bullied, A caller talks mushrooms, The top 5 sideburns and Iain and a caller argue about the bone of contention, talks being bullied for being gay and going through domestic abuseTwitch: LINK
116Wednesday 10th February 2021Katherine paints Iain's nails, Swap shop amd Noel Edmonds, Wrong way babies, Iain and Katherine play every second counts with Lisa, Paul and Schelmek and Dorothy talks losing her job due to the lockdown and feeling downTwitch: LINK
115Tuesday 9th February 2021An accidental call from Benita, Is it a duck or a fish?, Iain does some pranks on pest control, Author Mark Mason joins on Zoom, Milky Daniel takes a selfie with Uber?, Nigel sings a song and Will being worried about streaming because he is transTwitch: LINK
114Monday 8th February 2021Some bonkers Allan Beswick calls, Someone's ex girlfriend joins a cult, Iain and Katherine enjoy some more of make Slough happy, Jokes ruin the vibe and More from the weird Princess Diana musicalTwitch: LINK
113Wednesday 3rd February 2021Iain gets his 1 month chip, Fruit, veg and marmite?, George and Sandy, who sing on Twitch chat and sing and Sandy talks making the original Boba Fett costume, Iain and Katherine delve into more from the Princess Diana musical and watch a classic episode of the hotelTwitch: Not Available
YouTube: LINK (First hour only)
112Thursday 28th January 2021Iain and Katherine take the quiz to the callers, Iain challenges Gatford to remember what's in his fridge, Katherine wins an award, Judge Boyle gets her hammer out, Dave gets questioned on The Beatles and talks being angry at Julia Hartley-Brewer and Mark Dolan, Bill wants an argument with Iain and doesn't like him anymore but keeps calling, A load of kids phone up and it gets weird and And an anonymous caller needs advice on being shut down and wanting to work in radioTwitch: LINK
111Wednesday 27th January 2021Captain Lee & Boyle steer this ship through 3 hours of turbulent waters, The crew and party goers make appearances!, Floyd provides the in board entertainment, Captain Sexsea threatens the boat, Amy, who won the talent show, sings that's life, G's higher or lower impersonator's quiz, The boat reaches choppy waters and crashes and Iain must plead to Captain Sexsea for helpTwitch: LINK
110Tuesday 26th January 2021A new URL for the show, Iain makes a big boy breakthrough, Colin has a crow, Iain and Katherine chat with X factor finalist Melanie Masson, Sinjin learns a lot about the British, Emmzy ralks streaming and being a woman on Twitch, Jane McDonald, The Armstrongs and Fred ArmisenTwitch: LINK
109Monday 25th January 2021Captain Sexsea is a piece of trash?, Jack is upset, Jasmin's positivity, Daniel doesn't like the way he looks, The cameo quiz, Erik is drunk and swears at Iain and gets a lifetime ban, James sings a song for his dad, There's a fox problem, More of the Princess Diana musical! and Manny makes his return!Twitch: LINK
108Friday 22nd January 2021How tall is Vernon Kay?, Milky daniel's people doesn't exist, Judge Boyle calls for order as she decides whether more people should stay banned or be unbanned, Liam streams on Twitch but is worried what people will think of him, Nigel does Greatest Love of All, A caller doesn't know how lights work, Name a F**king dip and Another classic Beswick callTwitch: LINK
107Thursday 21st January 2021Iain and Katherine sing one week, The first caller is a bellcheese?, Milky Daniel's shaving, That silly quiz we do reaches the final with Smallest to tallest, Name an effing book, Band or cheese, Guess the movie, Gatford's fridge, Tim's gun firing, Shorter or taller, Battle simulator, Obama llama, The Viz swearing dictionary and The observation gameTwitch: LINK
106Wednesday 20th January 2021Iain sings some songs for Matt Walden, Musician, Tom Gray joins on zoom and chats PRS for Music which wants artists to be paid properly, Nigel does "I miss you", Iain on Mastermind, Iain and Katherine host another game of going for gold and Nigel's had a power cutTwitch: LINK
105Tuesday 19th January 2021Katherine's daughter solves more problems, Iain and Katherine sing Love Will Keep Us Together, Musician Isaac Hunter joins on Zoom who chats and sings, The awkward James McCartney interview, Things get weird in a skype group call, A caller won't hang up, Big Boy cam returns, Iain chats with Chris, who he used to work with who slagged him off and Katherine delves into the weird and wonderful world of Chat Its FateTwitch: LINK
104Monday 18th January 2021The show starts at 8pm for a test week, Katherine paints Iain's nails, Mike McCartney joins and talks Vaccines, Paul and a boxset of everything?, Rob, who TLNA raided last week phones in who does an open mic night, Alexandra Burke brings "The elephant in the room" saying to the UK?, Russ, who phoned Iain in 2016 and fell out with him phones in, Iain and Katherine watch Princess Diana, The Musicial and Nigel in Maidstone is worried about a friendTwitch: LINK
103Friday 15th January 2021The show is not stimulating enough?, Songs that are just bits stuck together, Some callers are coldplay trolls?, Elmo becomes a meme, Iain was in the scatman video?, Judge Katherine Boyle decides over more unban requests, A caller talks using addiction services, Ghosts aren't real, Iain and Katherine enjoy a 1982 tomorrow's world, Nigel in Maidstone sings Nigel's time and Alex hears someone having sex on a phone call and singsTwitch: LINK
102Thursday 14th January 2021Iain's lost something, The cock destroyers, James Ahbram streams on Twitch and sings, Iain and Katherine host a game of going for gold on Zoom, A prank caller on Allan Beswick, The show gets a bunch of calls, A caller argues with Katherine after questioning why Iain wears paints his nails, Name a fucking book and Layla is a dickTwitch: LINK
101Wednesday 13th January 2021Iain and Katherine become, puppets?, Gatford breaks the impeachment news, Iain gets a really creepy e-mail that makes him uncomfortable, Liam talks Harry Thompson and being a teacher during COVID, Automan and The 'Thyself' gameTwitch: LINK
100Tuesday 12th January 2021Iain and Katherine start the show with a sing song, Actor and comedian, Alex Lowe joins on Zoom and chats the Clinton Baptiste tour being cancelled, The 11 O'Clock Show, Angelos Epithemiou and Doing stand-up, Katherine's daughter solves more problems, Iain relives his strawberry crime and Stalked by Britain's most evil ghost?Twitch: LINK
99Monday 11th January 2021Iain creates a mind bending mashup, Zoe replaces Katherine?, Tom has directed episodes of Space Force on Netflix, Jack talks losing someone he knew to COVID, Iain and Katherine enjoy another changing rooms episode, God's gift with Davina and Roy talks about having an operation on his prostate Twitch: LINK
98Friday 8th January 2021Bruce Lee, Lenny Beige joins the show and chats being with Robbie Williams, gets his bassoon out and plays it, Chippy is in year 11 and does acting, Weird tetris, Judge Boyle goes over more unban requests, Jason's been drinking? and Toby talks AA being religious based and there being a higher power?Twitch: LINK
97Thursday 7th January 2021Twitch breaks, that silly quiz continues with Lee's, things that he likes quiz, Paul is fustrated with the world, James' crack or crease finale, Jhon makes a weird call, Ben talks school and exams in lockdown, Grant wants to do a podcast to push himself to do something once a month, Ollie's series of tasks, Iain's moved on from all of this? and Sinjin gets upset talking about his alcoholic mother who he hasn't seen in 4 yearsTwitch: LINK
96Wednesday 6th January 2021The top 5 Bee Gees songs, Iain and Katherine plays hide and seek with different callers on Zoom, More live shows?, The protesters storming the US Capitol Building, Paul gets angry with Iain over brexit borders and jokes and Louie asks if there has been any positives to lockdown?Twitch: LINK
95Tuesday 5th January 2021Iain and Katherine goes shopping for Sinjin's merch, Katherine's friend, Titilayo, who wrote a children's book 'Durotimi the Champion', Milky Daniel's English words and serial killers in Portugal, Stephen Murdoch fat shames Iain, Iain and Katherine play a game of soundiculous and Barry from Watford's getting the vaccine and does some jokes!Twitch: LINK
94Monday 4th January 2021The Late Night Alternative returns, Iain's written a musical about Wuhan and explains taking drugs and going into rehab, Dave talks visiting rehab for a month, Iain's got a lucha mask, Kath goes Cher, Jim Broadbent and we finally get to see the rest of the Spanish game showTwitch: LINK
(Best Of)
Wednesday 30th December 2020Relive some of the top moments from 2020 in this late night alternative specialTwitch: LINK
93Wednesday 16th December 2020Iain and Katherine listen to a racist Paul call, Joe makes a weird call, Things get sexy when Katherine reads from Lynne Perrie's autobiography, Someone gets rude with Allan Beswick, Iain on Watchdog, Big boy phones in? and Iain's COVID testTwitch: LINK
92Tuesday 15th December 2020Iain & Katherine watch every second counts, Katherine's daughter solves some dilemmas, Iain & Katherine create a trailer for the show and Iain edits it, Alistair hates tenet, Allan Beswick gets a rude caller, Iain plays some music over people dancing in a nightclub in the 80s, Sinjin talks raids and TikTok and Dave makes a weird callTwitch: LINK
91Monday 14th December 2020The show starts early, Gatford gets arsey, Iain visits Santa's Grotto, Tim tries out a game, Iain and Katherine continue the Spanish game show "El Gran Juego de la Oca", Nigel in Maidstone treats us to another song, Iain and Katherine talk life after Twitch and Stendall can't stop checking an abusive ex's social mediaTwitch: LINK
90Friday 11th December 2020Judgement day continues as Judge Boyle looks over more unban requests, James is worried about Iain, Gail Porter chats winning a BAFTA, plays songs with you in them and a COVID Christmas and Iain argues with Stu after he says medication exists to cover the absence of councelling, Twitch: LINK
89Thursday 10th December 2020That silly quiz continues, James does a game of guess who, Lisa's movie character quiz, Chris' matching pairs game, Tom has another game on Mario Maker, Who's on top of Kate's Christmas tree, Comedian Lenny Beige joins and talks showbiz, streaming and does his Christmas song and Iain opens up Zoom to end the showTwitch: LINK
88Wednesday 9th December 2020President Trump is hiding aliens from us?, Iain comes up with a song about a murderer, Iain talks wanting to come off his medication and Katherine talks not having scales in her house and Professor Joe Laevens discusses alien communication and shows off alien drawingsTwitch: LINK
87Tuesday 8th December 2020Iain has a customer service nightmare, An afternoon and 60 hour show?, Songwriter/singer/pianist, Kate Garner joins on Zoom and chats her new DVD and sings, Nigel in Maidstone's had the coronavirus injection? and Matt Walden, who Iain raided last night is a musician, sings for Iain and Katherine and talks streaming on TwitchTwitch: Part 1: LINK
Part 2: LINK
86Monday 7th December 2020Iain's got himself a new snake, Iain and Katherine watch Salvador Dali on What's My Line and "El Gran Juego de la Oca", a Spanish game show, Jasmin's got another owl advent calendar opening and things get awkward on the spanish game showTwitch: LINK
85Friday 4th December 2020Ashtraymcr is doing Twitchmas and has baubles for her followers, Judgement day continues with more unban requests being looked at, Lacey Sculls joins on zoom and talks being on season one of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, Hanna, who Iain and Katherine raided last night talks having anorexia in the past and taking antidepressants and Jasmin's advent owl opening continuesTwitch: LINK
84Thursday 3rd December 2020A bit of Beswick, That silly quiz we do continues with Nikki's TV themes, Sarah's guess the object, Ryan's monopoly quiz, Gatford's fridge quiz causes tensions, Valentina's Boggle, Michael's geoguesser game, Nelly's pop up pirates, Tom's mario maker level, Kate's, guess how many are in the jar game and Nina's drawing in common gameTwitch: LINK
83Wednesday 2nd December 2020The TLNA murder mystery begins with who though?, Is it Blanch Batters, Dr Fumbles, Em Fatale, Sierra Tango, Ford Escort, Reverend Willbedone, Misty Visions, Professor Peacock, The maid or The Butler?, Iain asks Katherine if she thinks people come to the stream for him and Iain's top 10 on spotifyTwitch: LINK
82Tuesday 1st December 2020Iain's made a short film that explains the days, Twitch breaks because of fortnite, The vaccine, My Lemons are Lemony leads a 10 minute meditation session, Zoom is full of spies?, Jasmin opens her advent owl calendar and Katherine's chat its fate story takes the show off the airTwitch: LINK
81Monday 30th November 2020Iain's weekend, How To with John Wilson, The Dan band, The COVID vaccine, Alistair talks almost giving in to temptation, Neil Diamond's "I dreamed a dream", More making Slough happy and Jasmin can't quite get her advert for Lindt rightTwitch: LINK
80Friday 27th November 2020Judgement day arrives on TLNA as Judge Katherine Boyle decides on more unban requests submitted to the channel, who will remain banned and who will receive justice?, All flight simulator players are pedophiles?, Jessica makes an error of judgement and Elliot asks Iain about his addictionsTwitch: LINK
79Thursday 26th November 2020Big Gym is drunk and a big fan of Iain, That silly quiz thing continues, Aaron's I'm a celebrity age quiz, Gatford's USA quiz, Nelly returns for more Blue or False?, Kate's perfect match game, Nina's Halloween quiz and Captain Sexsea brings the sex appeal to the end of the showTwitch: LINK
78Wednesday 25th November 2020The annual TLNA talent show, Lee's silence of the lambs song, Stephen's song on the guitar, Ollie see's how many off brand frazzles they can fit in their mouth, Jim's destiny montage, Stuart's stand up set, DJ Screbshot's mash up song, Lisa sings Only You, Nelly sings and multiplies, Ameliane sings in French and Chris and Emily's dance to Wuthering HeightsTwitch: LINK
77Tuesday 24th November 2020Callum wants to be unblocked on Twitter, The Tuesday club, Milky Daniel's petitions, Nick Gilbert & Thomas Dunckley join on Zoom and chats their podcast 'Fume Chat' dedicated to fragrances, Nekochan, who was raided last night, calls in, Musician, Will Varley joins on Zoom and chats Adam Ant, Writing music and Sketching, Retro Faith's 24 hour stream and Iain is suspicious of David but he talks having addictions to pornTwitch: Part 1: LINK
Part 2: LINK
76Monday 23rd November 2020Iain and Katherine return after a three day Twitch ban, Uri Geller's magic powers, Milky Daniel's echo problem, The Sunny and Shay prank call, Musician Clint Boon joins on Zoom and chats lockdown, The boon army and Patreon, Shit old show Monday, More making Slough happy, Robert can't talk but chats being nervous and confidence and Zach and Jay try a prank call but gets shut down, Twitch: LINK
75Tuesday 17th November 2020Iain starts the show 3 hours early with people on zoom, What is Iain Lee?, Katherine thinks Iain needs validation, Tijm in the Netherlands is streaming Iain on his Twitch, Iain and Katherine enjoy every second counts with dominos, Iain speaks with the makers of the Whizzinator and splooge juice, Iain and Katherine do live Yoga with Brendan the Shanti Warrior, Iain and Katherine talk to Sex Workers' Rights Advocate, Kaytlin Bailey, who chats her podcast 'The Oldest Profession', The criminal system and Discrimination in prostitution, Dave talks
James O'Brien conspiracy callers and Weird Paul?
YouTube: LINK
74Monday 16th November 2020Allan Beswick gets a sexy call, Pete talks back to the future, Daniel listens to Iain in his dream and it gets sexual?, LSD housewives, Big boy updates, The Hulk, Iain and Katherine discuss sexism and inappropriate sexual comments in the chat and Iain and Katherine enjoy an episode of Make Slough HappyTwitch: LINK
73Thursday 12th November 2020Iain and Katherine listen to some Allan Beswick, That silly quiz thing we do continues with James' crack or crease 3, Chris' closest to A game, Tim's lyrics quiz, Stan's countdown, Paul's true or false locations, Nikki's film quiz with one connection, What is Pete holding? and Cheggers Plays PopTwitch: LINK
72Wednesday 11th November 2020Iain and Katherine play pass the chat on, Daytime friends with Iain Lee?, James updates on his hearing after punching a colleague, Gary beens listening to talkRADIO for 35 years and slags off Darryl Morris so Iain argues with him, Steven and Jason from The Beatles 'Nothing is Real Podcast' join on Zoom, Yoga on the show? and Iain discusses the jungleTwitch: LINK
71Tuesday 10th November 2020Iain talks feeling jealous and feeling like a failure, Paul talks his life and things happening for the better, Neil doesn't like experts?, Iain gets a new Xbox, Sinjin talks the US election, Alistair is feeling down and irritated, Nunchucks and Watching the TV show 'Making Slough Happy'Twitch: LINK
70Monday 9th November 2020Iain introduces a new soundboard for bits, Why wasn't the coronavirus vaccine available earlier?, What does caller Sue to Allan Beswick have with her spaghetti bolognese?, Dan's Iain Lee LBC mashup song, Fritz Perls and Gloria counselling and Ulysses 31Twitch: LINK
69Friday 6th November 2020Joe wants Iain to unban him but gets into beef with him, Robin wants to get into radio, Joe phones back for round 2, Katherine decides over more unban requests, Katherine tells a story about trying to help someone but it turning weird and Iain and Katherine wind down the week with another changing rooms episodeTwitch: LINK
68Thursday 5th November 2020That silly quiz thing continues with Gatford's fridge quiz returns, Paul's slogans quiz, Neil's movies & pop music quiz, Amy's mod baby pictures finally happens, Jackie's sausage fest quiz and Nelly rounds off the night with his blue or flase quizTwitch: LINK
67Wednesday 4th November 2020Technical light fixes, Is the answer yes or no?, please answer the question, The going for gold theme and rest of the final, Jessie takes disgust with Iain and sticks up for Katherine and Lee needs advice on how to deal with a family member who is an addictTwitch: LINK
66Tuesday 3rd November 2020Iain and Katherine try to attract the front page of Twitch, Iain talks a potential radio gig, A caller talks meeting someone through Tinder and being manipulated by them, Another caller talks surpressing his anger and sadness over his dad's passing, Katherine's coochie club and Iain and Katherine watch Going for GoldTwitch: LINK
65Monday 2nd November 2020Iain surprises Katherine with a present, Gatford hates Halloween, Alex wants opinions on lockdown, James talks being inappropriately touched at worked and punching the person responsible, Amy challenges Iain to the yes or no game, Corpse's deep voice and Sarah gets banned from chat but phones in to explain herselfTwitch: LINK
64Friday 30th October 2020It's the halloween special, Special guest Linda, who had a spooky story in Chat Its Fate, Paranormal Expo chat with Iain and Katherine about gravediggers and seeking out evidence of the paranormal, Claire's a clairvoyant who teaches tarot cards and talks astrology, Iain and Katherine catch up with the paranormal pornstars, Judge Katherine Boyle precedes over more unban requests and Fake Sheila's grim reaper costumeTwitch: LINK
63Thursday 29th October 2020Jim's crack or crease 2, Chris' "The laminated quiz of dreams", Dave's Randy Scouse Git quiz, Lee's 6 and 9 year old describes art, Keith's Halloween TLNA quiz, Nicki's emoji movie quiz, Vix's chat its fate, More Nelly's blue or false and Foggy's connect 4Twitch: LINK
62Wednesday 28th October 2020Talk shows and podcasts on Twitch, Stuart talks life in France and going into Covid lockdown, Iain opens up Zoom and chats with some callers, Iain breaks into dirty songs, Iain forces Katherine to play a scary game in virtual reality, A banned chatter calls Iain a C, James talks being addicted to drugs and Daniel talks losing his sister to a drunk driverTwitch: LINK
61Tuesday 27th October 2020Virtual reality, Iain sings Michael a lovely song, Nigel in Maidstone talks Star Trek and Princess Diana, Janell talks white teeth, Amazon wishlists, Being on American Idol and Receiving abuse, Jasmin's shrine to Michael Jackson and creating Iain and Katherine in the sims, Some games of among us and Sinjin talks having to wait 2 hours to voteTwitch: LINK
60Monday 26th October 2020Iain and Katherine return after a week off, Technical difficulties, A crazy call to Allan Beswick, You've been doing your duvet wrong, Iain's mum has COVID, Naomi phones in drunk because she is unhappy in her job, James' weird pictures of Iain and Katherine and The wankatron 2000 Twitch: LINK
59Friday 16th October 2020Frieda talks going back to work after transitioning, Iain and Katherine are joined by Imani Coppola who talks Coronavirus, Racial profiling and Making music, Katherine resides over the unban court, Rob's date and another classic episode of changing roomsTwitch: LINK
58Thursday 15th October 2020The Thursday quiz continues with Chris' generation game, Bod's had a drink and talks struggling and doesn't listen to Iain, Dave returns with another album quiz, James and Jenna's crack or crease, Nikki's real logo quiz, Lee's films described poorly, Nelly returns for more blue or false, Kate's lip reading decider and Kazuko's Karaoke KlubTwitch: LINK
57Wednesday 14th October 2020Iain's poweful new song and new glasses, Castle, who they raided last night phones in, Bod talks breaking up with his girlfriend but still caring about her daughter who is self harming and talks himself attempting suicide, Some people try and prank and Sinjin might have Covid?Twitch: LINK
56Tuesday 13th October 2020Iain makes a dad call, Iain is obsessed with Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, ,Muller corner, Iain hates stranger things?, Sinjin talks american foods, Pass the chaton and a caller gets very angry, swears and insults IainTwitch: LINK
55Monday 12th October 2020The status quo movie, Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, Katherine finds a new career?, Russ talks not being looked after by the Army and drivings celebrities, Nathan "Barry" Naoime are hammered, Ranir from Germany stumbles on the stream and Jasmin's experiments and Iain's studying the history of the anus?Twitch: LINK
54Friday 9th October 2020The fatman movie trailer, Katherine gets her gavel out for some unban requests, Discussing what your why is, Tommy Steele, A little bit of Viz, Liam talks driving his kids round to get them to sleep and missing their young age, Iain and Katherine enjoy an awkward Changing Rooms and Paul is awarded with an MBE!Twitch: LINK
53Thursday 8th October 2020That Silly Quiz That We Do continues with treasure or tat with paintings, Lisa's movie song quiz, Alistair's advert quiz, Nicky's landmark quiz, Noi's family fortunes, Gatford's fridge memory quiz and Nelly's blue or falseTwitch: LINK
52Wednesday 7th October 2020White dog poo, The viewers set the topics, What rubbish have you got?, Pete on moving back home, Christopher updates on how he is doing after his last call and a look through some of the people streaming on TwitchTwitch: LINK
51Tuesday 6th October 2020Does the show need to have a chat, Mike talks waking up and having a heart attack, Writer Jem Roberts joins on Zoom and talks his book 'Fab Fools : The Last Ever Untold Beatles Story', Lee needs jokes help, Iain and Katherine go 3D and Paul and Eoin talk making musicTwitch: LINK
50Monday 5th October 2020The show starts early, Michael and his slipper tree, Iain pranks talkRADIO, Iain talks having an issue with his dad, Alternative Christmas day meals, Iain and Katherine play among us, Paul talks his show on Scala radio and Alistair's 17 months being soberTwitch: LINK
49Friday 2nd October 2020Iain and Katherine talk last nights raid, Iain hardcore games, Paul talks presenting a show on Scala radio for black history month, Iain becomes Bond, Another episode of changing rooms and A lot of people join a zoom call for the endTwitch: LINK
48Thursday 1st October 2020The Thursday night quiz continues, Gatford's postcode lottery, Dave's older or younger when they died records game, Kate's song lyrics, Lisa's celebrity baby pictures, Scott Balcony's pop quiz with embroidery and Nelly's blue or false quiz about porn parodiesTwitch: LINK
47Wednesday 30th September 2020Alistair talks his relapse, Captain Sexsea who they raided last night is a scammer and talks his SSH Shag-O-Lot, Capricorn One, Unboxing goodies and Iain and Katherine watch You bet!Twitch: LINK
46Tuesday 29th September 2020Iain talks relapsing twice in the last week, what he's doing to deal with it and how Katherine is coping too, Huw Actor talks buyable UFOs, Dave talks struggling and having to use the Samaritans and Iain and Katherine go down eastenders song laneTwitch: LINK
45Friday 25th September 2020Paul returns for round 2 with more balls?, Shakin' Stevens, Nigel in Maidstone gives us another song, Simon talks Iain's old LBC shows and the no presenter show which didn't work, Frozen oranges, The Rutles, Iain's manky foot and Another classic episode of changing roomsTwitch: LINK
44Thursday 24th September 2020Iain's car breaks down on the way to his new college course, That silly quiz we do continues with Dave's play your cards right with albums, Neil's actual play your cards right, Cameron in Australia talks having incomplete paraplegia, Kate's music quiz on Kahoot, Nigel in Maidstone's struggling with no food and Nina's lyrical of love gameTwitch: LINK
43Wednesday 23rd September 2020Nearly running over a celebrity & pictures of you with celebrities, Big boy gets his nosh on, Rewatching Lost, Iain plays his ukulele, Calling random payphones, Darryl Morris' grandparents can't end zoom calls, Visiting radio around the world on the radio garden and Nigel in Maidstone talks MileyTwitch: LINK
42Tuesday 22nd September 2020New callers only, Iain calls random numbers, Jim Bob formely of Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine joins on Zoom and chats not being able to write, His new album and Home demo's, Big boy cam gets action, Retro Faith who was raided yesterday phones in and chats retro and streaming, Paul has an argument with Iain after Paul makes up a story, lies about calling Iain and gets rude with IainTwitch: LINK
41Monday 21st September 2020Iain introduces the BBC (Big Boy Cam), A caller feels paranoid, Iain talks puking live on air and being worried, Iain's manky foot, Miriam's bucket carrying hands, Nigel in Maidstone on Julian Clary and sings The Wonder of You, Freddie Starr and Huw Actor's solution to the coronavirus involves a frozen orange?Twitch: LINK
40Friday 18th September 2020Internet issues, Singer Nick Garrie joins on Zoom who chats and plays some music, An Allan Beswick prank call, Iain and Katherine's Mini song and Iain and Katherine watch another episode of changing roomsTwitch: LINK
39Tuesday 15th September 2020Iain and Katherine play the electric shock lightning reaction game, The AA promises, The fastest rubix cubes, Nigel in Maidstone talks Kristen Stewart and sings Nigel Time, Pete talks taking the DMT drug and Iain visits Bride of Christ on Periscope for a love bombTwitch: LINK
38Monday 14th September 2020Iain was nearly murdered? and talks doing step 5, Professor Joe Laevens phones in and chats the news story about life on Venus, Takes questions from Twitter, His wife Barbinkium 23 and Star trek alien farting puns, Limmy bottles it and Iain and Katherine delve into another episode of changing roomsTwitch: LINK
37Friday 11th September 2020Iain breaks his gramophone, Dick and Dom join on Zoom and chat RI:SE, Their new app and podcast, Being out of favour in the industry and Getting an OFCOM?, Iain presenting Meet the Beckhams, Nigel in Maidstone does a song for his dad and Christopher talks being sexually abused at 10, the police closing the investigation and struggling to get the abuser to admit to itTwitch: LINK
36Thursday 10th September 2020It's round 2 of Iain vs Katherine in the quiz of all quizzes, Dave's second game of odd one out, Ollie challenges them both to a drawing game, Movie, Actor & Character, Hugh Jackman, Pete's doctor who quiz, Foggy's pointless quiz, Nelly's paint or porn and Chantal's price is rightTwitch: LINK
35Wednesday 9th September 2020Iain is COVID free, KISS, James talks being exploited by African TV, Daniel has an issue with his friend, Spam takes over the chat and the show, Jonathan asks can you have unselfish love and being addicted to porn, Sinjin challenges Iain to bean boozled and Stu rings in and opens up after arguing with Iain in chat, Twitch: LINK
34Tuesday 8th September 2020The show happens on Zoom as Katherine does the show from her home, Iain talks Tenet and TV show forever, Alistair opens up and talks making amends and changing his behaviour, Iain and Katherine have a 5 minute silence with Lisa and Johnathan, Techincal issues take over, What's the point of this? and Stephen treats us to a songTwitch: LINK
33Monday 7th September 2020Iain's got a cold, Mark Dolan's mask stunt, Iain and Katherine delve into black magic, A caller wants to talk about COVID hotspots, Hugh won the lottery?, Iain and Katherine watch the big shop and Chat keeps telling Iain he has COVIDTwitch: LINK
32Thursday 3rd September 2020Cat cam goes crazy, sinjin rings in after Iain raided him last night, Nigel in Maidstone gets cheeky and sings a song, Iain's love song to Scott Balcony and the annual Iain vs Katherine quiz where people ring up and challenge them to their quizTwitch: LINK
31Wednesday 2nd September 2020Iain introduces cat cam, Iain and Katherine go to the cinema to watch Dirty Dancing, Tatty talks moving from Scotland to the bottom of the UK, Monkey Magic, Lee talks having a camera down his penis and Iain and Katherine watch loud chiropractic adjustment cracks on YouTubeTwitch: LINK
30Tuesday 1st September 2020Iain talks doing a channel 4 show talking about the 11 o'clock show and Iain finds out Ian Royce has passed away so ends the show early as he isn't feeling up to itTwitch: LINK
(From 28:52)
29Monday 31st August 2020Iain's internet goes down, The Modathon, Musician Will Varley joins on Zoom who chats and sings!, Iain's sexy songs of the world, Iain talks recording a 40 years of Channel 4 show and Noel Edmonds swap shopTwitch: (Part 1) LINK
(Part 2) LINK
28Friday 28th August 2020Iain's haircut, visit to the cinema to see Tenet and verruca update, Iain and Katherine get disgusted at the toe doctor, Kids turning to YouTube for entertainment and Iain and Katherine enjoy another episode of changing roomsTwitch: LINK
27Thursday 27th August 2020It's a spooky special, Katherine gets sick of Iain's ukulele, Groped by a ghost, Josh and James Barry joins on Zoom and chats lockdown, documentaries about old showbiz and Josh's new book, Steven sings a song, Iain and Katherine receive a health and safety inspection and Gary's been selling drugs?Twitch: LINK
26Wednesday 26th August 2020Iain does a chill first hour because it's been too noisy, Raymond has a nice sleep, Pete takes over the stream with Whats on the Plates? Michelle talks being sexually abused for 20 years by her uncle and Punflower, who Iain raided last night, talk livestreamingTwitch: LINK
(From 26:25)
25Tuesday 25th August 2020The Bradford factor, Iain as Uri Geller, Jennie McAlpine joins on Zoom and chats I'm a celebrity, plays a round of Adam Ant, Taking mental health hours, Daniel was the fast runner in Keith's videos?, Welsh Chris returns and gets angry and upset again and Nigel in Maidstone has been talking to a Miley Cyrus scammerTwitch: LINK
24Monday 24th August 2020The Bee Gees, Dougie Anderson joins the show on Zoom and chats his new film, The Jack Docherty Show, Celebrity friends and Shia LaBeouf, The Tyne & Wear Metro Musical, David Turner is sick of Iain's threats and Juke box juryTwitch: LINK
(From 07:01)
23Friday 21st August 2020Frieda talks going to work for the first time since transitioning, Iain and Katherine are joined by Dr Kate Lister who runs 'Whores of Yore' on Twitter and chats WAP, Sex during Coronavirus and watching porn, Yasmin talks hypersexualization of black women, Nina wants to find an old friend, Changing rooms teapot disaster and the winner of the slogan contest is revealed!Twitch: LINK
(From 10:49)
22Thursday 20th August 2020Iain explains why there was no show yesterday and talks leaving his record label and therapist, Iain gets his Songlorious song back, Combatsam claims Iain shouldn't be spending his money after asking for subs and donations, Dave reminds Iain he put him off in a Call of Duty event, RandomBritishDude rings in with his twin! and a classic call on Allan Beswick about Anne and her alexaTwitch: LINK
(From 04:03)
21Tuesday 18th August 2020Iain's verruca removal, Happy Tree's first Twitch call, Doing Cameo, Actor and singer Noel Sullivan joins on Zoom and talks the west end, lockdown and his new film and Iain finds out he worked with Pharrell WilliamsTwitch: LINK
20Monday 17th August 2020Iain gets some new audio toys, Stuart asks if he should still listen to Morrissey because he's racist, James Buckley joins the show on Zoom and chats living in a Coronavirus world, Meeting DanTDM with Iain, Getting negative comments, The inbetweeners reunion and His Twitch channel and Iain and Katherine watch some Denis Norden, George and Yoko, Clive Anderson with The Bee Gees and awkward interviewsTwitch: LINK
(From 11:24)
19Friday 14th August 2020David talks phoning Iain in 2018 after his wife passed away and how him and his daughter are doing now, Iain and Katherine get a song written for the show and then learn the East Hill Shopping Center commercial song, Katie saw Cliff Richard filming Wired for Sound?, Iain and Katherine watch local shopping adverts and Pablo tries to apologise after tweeting nasty stuff months agoTwitch: LINK
(From 11:27)
18Thursday 13th August 2020Iain wants to hack Zoom?, The kingdom of Paul, Iain watches some Indian music videos, Iain gets angry with chat, Martin and Iain argue after Martin tells him how to do his stream, John is angry at being banned and for donating £1 to Iain and Sam argues with Iain after he is timed out for getting around the swear filterTwitch: LINK
(From 11:10)
17Wednesday 12th August 2020Starting early, Katherine's birthday, Iain and Gatford argue about heroes, Iain throws a strop, Blindfold rubix cube, The Brady Bunch, Brett Goldstein joins on zoom to talk his podcast 'Films To Be Buried With' and Dealing with the Coronavirus, Iain invites and chats to random people on Zoom and Michelle updates us on the show baby!Twitch: LINK
16Tuesday 11th August 2020It's too hot, New callers only, Angelos Epithemiou joins on Zoom and talks getting back into TV, Having the Russian Coronavirus vaccine, His new song and Getting hypnotized, Nina on joining Twitch as scudgesucker? and plays 20 questions, The gender divide in calls and Paddy, the son of a famous streaker phones inTwitch: LINK
(From 29:33)
15Monday 10th August 2020Euan, who phoned the radio show, updates on his drinking problem, People not wearing masks, Gatford talks losing another toe, Scott Balcony catches up with Iain, Iain goes on a trip down Stars in their eyes memory lane and finishes the stream with some Marbles on stream!Twitch: LINK
(From 13:40)
14Thursday 6th August 2020Barry from Watford joins the show on Zoom and chats dusty gooch, Barry's little tentacle, Lionel Blair, and minty biscuits, Paul phones up angry after Iain told him to F off in chat, James talks winning a shoe on Iain's old radio show, Mike Love's angry rant, Bands that have numbers in them and My foof is on fire?Twitch: LINK
13Wednesday 5th August 2020Huw gets Iain and Katherine to act with him, Gail Porter joins the show on Zoom and talks lockdown, her dads passing, being rejected for the jungle? and Iain talks crystal meth with her, Katherine becomes a meme?, TLNA for kids only?, Neil is upset with Katherine? and Iain revisits some of his RI:SE show!Twitch: LINK
12Tuesday 4th August 2020Iain talks his trip to court, Pete Heat comes on to discuss his magic zoom shows and does some tricks!, Nigel in Maidstone does Lady and the Tramp, Iain calls Kelly Betts to find out if they're still friends, David talks the TV industry being cutthroat and The Jack Docherty ShowTwitch: LINK (From 11:22)
11Monday 3rd August 2020Huw is making a movie and worked in a call centre with aliens?, Dexys Midnight Runners, lots of kids try and prank, Iain gets very musical and sings an original John Lewis ad?. Jobby plays a round of articulate and Iain & Katherine relive The Coventry Market MusicalTwitch: LINK (From 10:37)
10Friday 31st July 2020Iain hides the Bond, Pass the ChatOn returns, where a caller gets cut off as soon as another phones in, Iain talks not enjoying his counselling course anymore?, Nelly introduces his articulate but with sounds game and Vix talks moving home and her mum surviving cancerTwitch: LINK (From 13:11)
9Thursday 30th July 2020Iain & Katherine are joined by Rufus hound who talks lockdown, 20 years before we die? and he gets sexy, Aaron talks flat earthers, Iain revisits some jungle memories, A person phones in after 12 years, RandomBritishDude talks his mum struggling, Iain talks taking responsibility and Laura sings Both Sides, Now by Joni MitchellTwitch: LINK (From 12:12)
8Wednesday 29th July 2020Where's Pierce Brosnan hiding?,Adam Ant's awkward The Word interview, Dan asks if he should get into pirate radio, The smaller or taller game, Other Dan threatens David Attenborough?, Gerry takes us on a trip to see a cat, Michael talks finding your voice and cancel culture and Lee discusses having a racist dadTwitch: LINK
7Tuesday 28th July 2020Iain and Katherine are joined by Steven Page who chats and sings, Iain shows Steven his original songs, Iain is worried about the numbers on the Twitch show, James gets weird, Katherine talks women getting comments about their appearance, Iain becomes James Bond and get stuffed!Twitch: LINK
6Monday 27th July 2020Iain and Katherine are joined by Keith Malley & Chemda from Keith and The Girl who talks Chemda as a singer, The coronavirus and Keith roasts a person in chat, Simon in the New Forest talks falling out with his family over opposing political views, Revisiting winner takes all and Bruce talks leaving poo after burgling? and IndonesiaTwitch: LINK
5Friday 24th July 2020Iain fires out two songs, Katherine is followed by Paul McCartney, Alistair talks receiving a diabetes diagnosis, Ginger beard Mark on interviewing people and Iain phones Sam, his talkRADIO tech op to see if he remembers a list from ages agoTwitch: LINK
4Thursday 23rd July 2020Iain's internet goes down, Katie Puckrik joins Iain and Katherine who talks a drug using neighbour, Finding love in Covid and books, Iain chats with Random British Dude about streaming, Michael talks Iain's lost stuff and possibly revisiting it and friend of Iain, Emma rings up!Twitch: LINK
3Wednesday 22nd July 2020Iain and Katherine are joined by Mike McCartney who talks photograhy, Pete Best, Paul, Singing in China and the NHS, Tyler is 13 and in a foster home, Iain's shop rage, Animal sounds around the world and Mark talks life in the Cayman IslandsTwitch: LINK
2Tuesday 21st July 2020Rambo, Favourite potatoes, Katie is upset with a friend, Iain's done with the industry?, Leenus finds Iain again after a few years, Robin talks Tinder, Carl talks lockdown in Sweden, Nigel in Maidstone's been told coronavirus lies and Iain donates $40 to a 13 year oldTwitch: LINK
1Monday 20th July 2020Iain & Katherine return, Iain goes vegan, Bob Mortimer joins Iain and chats his wife's missing back, hospital visits, living in lockdown and fast running Keith?, Alistair's new job, Jacqui talks not realising her daughter had ADHD, Rating men with fish and Nigel in Maidstone does it's Nigel's time!Twitch: LINK
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Absolute Radio

Every full Virgin & Absolute Radio show Iain did between 2008 and 2011,
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Every full Three Counties breakfast show Iain did between 2012 and 2015,
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The best bits of Iain Lee’s breakfast show on BBC Three Counties Radio that was released between 2013 and 2015,
This is an unofficial podcast


Every full show that Iain did on WM 95.6 between 2013 and 2015,
This is an unofficial podcast

Big Brother's Big Ears was the official Big Brother radio show for series 9 of the show.
Hosted by Iain Lee and Gemma Cairney, the show featured interviews from past housemates and the latest evictee as well as calls from fans.

Iain Lee and Watko's Important Target is the show that has been missing from YOUR life.
These 2 giants of radio broadcasting bring you an entertaining and slightly sexy* fortnightly (that means every 2 weeks, kids) podcast that will fill the gap that you know is in your life.
They sing, they dance, they talk. Actually, they mainly just talk, but come on, they're doing it for free. What do you expect?
They will do anything to make you love them, but that is because they are both needy people. Come on, what can it hurt?
*this show is not sexy at all and is suitable for all the family.

Iain Lee on the BBC

Shows that Iain Lee has done on various BBC stations including BBC London, BBC Berkshire, BBC 6 Music and BBC 5 Live

Iain Lee VS Radio

Award winning radio and TV presenter Iain Lee picks some of the most hilarious moments from the history of the wireless…
Why did Nicky Campbell drop himself in it when talking about foxes? What do callers to local radio REALLY think about Mayor Boris Johnson and surely old lady professors know what you can and what you most definitely can't say on the radio?
These are the clips that all radio presenters would rather you forgot, and Iain has collected them into an hilarious show that also tells his story of how he reluctantly ended up working for some of the biggest (and smallest) radio stations in the country.


Interviews that various people have done with Iain


Every full show that Iain Lee did on LBC in 2005 on weekends, the drivetime show between 2005 and 2006, Sunday Night Triple M between 2006 and 2007 and Iain Lee's Good Evening in 2007,
This is an unofficial podcast

MSN GameCast

Iain Lee talks video games with Tech & Gadgets with editors Nik Taylor and Jane Douglas.

The Flix Capacitor

Join Elton McManus and Iain Lee as they warp their brains trying to understand Time Travel Movies. We hope you enjoy all future and past episodes.

The Iain Lee Pocket Radio Show which was a podcast that featured phone calls whereby Lee would invite people to call him either by telephone or through Skype, Listeners were also invited to interact with the show by sending AudioBoos, to be included in the recording.
The podcast also included interviewing guests and celebrity news with the Daily Express's Elisa Roche.

The Lost Initiative

The Official UK Lost podcast started on Channel 4 but then became The Lost Initiative when the show moves to Sky One,
Iain Lee was joined every week by Lost: The Official Magazine editor, Paul Terry, and fan favourite, Geeky Tom. They also take phone calls from fans and Lost experts,

The short-lived show that aired on BBC Three Counties Radio in 2015 on Saturday's at noon which featured music and chat with Iain Lee and Katherine Boyle