ShowIain Lee VS Radio

Award winning radio and TV presenter Iain Lee picks some of the most hilarious moments from the history of the wireless…
Why did Nicky Campbell drop himself in it when talking about foxes? What do callers to local radio REALLY think about Mayor Boris Johnson and surely old lady professors know what you can and what you most definitely can’t say on the radio?
These are the clips that all radio presenters would rather you forgot, and Iain has collected them into an hilarious show that also tells his story of how he reluctantly ended up working for some of the biggest (and smallest) radio stations in the country.

Episode 17

Well, this podcast was created to plug the tour. And then, as per, I got distracted or bored or whatever and stopped kind of using it for that. Anyway, it looks like we made it. This is Totton. This...

Episode 16

Whilst trying to have a cheeky doze, I was disturbed by my house phone ringing. No one knows my house number, not even me. This had to be urgent. It was. A young lady told me computer was at risk...

Episode 15B

Recorded during my Iain Lee Vs Radio tour at Jacksons Lane Theatre in North London on Thursday October 8th 2015. I had it on good authority that a caller from the LBC days who I hadn't spoken to for...

Episode 15

I've interviewed Brian at least twice. Once was for LBC and then this one. Was there a third? Possible. He did call me at home once (that is actually true) and I cried for an hour afterwards...

Episode 13

I got to interview Glen Campbell. A big, powerful legend of a man who was already at this stage being weakened by shitty Alzheimers. Broke my heart. At the end of the interview, he tried to leave...

Episode 10

You know what a maidenhead is, right?

Anyway, July 8th. My first gig of my first ever tour of my first ever solo show.
I got there too early and forgot to do loads of stuff I meant to do.

Episode 7

OK. So I recorded an episode 7 and uploaded it. Turns out it was all jumpy. So I recorded a second episode 7. That was a little bit jumpy. But not as much. Then I thought sod it and put them both...

Episode 6

Another episode of the fun packed, laugh riot that is this. It's evolving, and it's free, so, thanks for keeping with it. Not sure where it's going but it might be somewhere special. Or it could be a...

Episode 5

Sat in a hotel room after a long and mixed day, I'm really starting to wonder if going on tour is perhaps the worst idea I've ever had. I whinge a bit. And answer your questions.

Episode 4

Here we go. The Mysterious Salome is furious with a small, independent business. So she tries to tear it down. Good for her.

Don't ever put fireworks up your bum.