The Rabbit Hole Podcast

Absolute Radio

Every full Virgin & Absolute Radio show Iain did between 2008 and 2011,
This is an unofficial podcast

Every full Three Counties breakfast show Iain did between 2012 and 2015,
This is an unofficial podcast

The best bits of Iain Lee’s breakfast show on BBC Three Counties Radio that was released between 2013 and 2015,
This is an unofficial podcast


Every full show that Iain did on WM 95.6 between 2013 and 2015,
This is an unofficial podcast

Big Brother's Big Ears was the official Big Brother radio show for series 9 of the show.
Hosted by Iain Lee and Gemma Cairney, the show featured interviews from past housemates and the latest evictee as well as calls from fans.

Iain Lee and Watko's Important Target is the show that has been missing from YOUR life.
These 2 giants of radio broadcasting bring you an entertaining and slightly sexy* fortnightly (that means every 2 weeks, kids) podcast that will fill the gap that you know is in your life.
They sing, they dance, they talk. Actually, they mainly just talk, but come on, they're doing it for free. What do you expect?
They will do anything to make you love them, but that is because they are both needy people. Come on, what can it hurt?
*this show is not sexy at all and is suitable for all the family.

Iain Lee on the BBC

Shows that Iain Lee has done on various BBC stations including BBC London, BBC Berkshire, BBC 6 Music and BBC 5 Live

Iain Lee VS Radio

Award winning radio and TV presenter Iain Lee picks some of the most hilarious moments from the history of the wireless…
Why did Nicky Campbell drop himself in it when talking about foxes? What do callers to local radio REALLY think about Mayor Boris Johnson and surely old lady professors know what you can and what you most definitely can't say on the radio?
These are the clips that all radio presenters would rather you forgot, and Iain has collected them into an hilarious show that also tells his story of how he reluctantly ended up working for some of the biggest (and smallest) radio stations in the country.


Interviews that various people have done with Iain


Every full show that Iain Lee did on LBC in 2005 on weekends, the drivetime show between 2005 and 2006, Sunday Night Triple M between 2006 and 2007 and Iain Lee's Good Evening in 2007,
This is an unofficial podcast

MSN GameCast

Iain Lee talks video games with Tech & Gadgets with editors Nik Taylor and Jane Douglas.

The Flix Capacitor

Join Elton McManus and Iain Lee as they warp their brains trying to understand Time Travel Movies. We hope you enjoy all future and past episodes.

The Iain Lee Pocket Radio Show which was a podcast that featured phone calls whereby Lee would invite people to call him either by telephone or through Skype, Listeners were also invited to interact with the show by sending AudioBoos, to be included in the recording.
The podcast also included interviewing guests and celebrity news with the Daily Express's Elisa Roche.

The Lost Initiative

The Official UK Lost podcast started on Channel 4 but then became The Lost Initiative when the show moves to Sky One,
Iain Lee was joined every week by Lost: The Official Magazine editor, Paul Terry, and fan favourite, Geeky Tom. They also take phone calls from fans and Lost experts,

The short-lived show that aired on BBC Three Counties Radio in 2015 on Saturday's at noon which featured music and chat with Iain Lee and Katherine Boyle