The Door Into Summer – Episode 4

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Episode 4 is another mix of psychedelic, soul, pop and bubblegum with a hint of J-Pop to make you excited. Some of you mentioned my talkie bits were a bit low in the mix but I think I have sorted that out now!

This weeks show is made up of the following tracks and artists…

The Zombies – I’ll Never Get Over You
The Monkees – Midnight
The Beach Boys – Surfin’ Usa (live)
I’m From Barcelona – Treehous
The Barenaked Ladies – Shoebox
Carrie – Molly
Catherine Wheel – Delicious
Cassetteboy – I Got Things Goin’ On
David Byrne – Finite=Alright
David Crosby – Music Is Love
? – Make A Sound
Kevin Hume – Wrap Song
Out Of My Hair – in The Groove Again
Paul McCartney – My Ever Present Past
Johnny Cash – Solitary Man
Pizzicato 5 – Tout, Tout Pour Ma Cherie(I Heart Kiss and Kids Mix)

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Episode 4