Iain Lee – Tuesday 12th September 2017

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It’s a Bill Haley free zone, Iain isn’t impressed with Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls, Jonathan thinks Donald Trump is being secretly drugged, Iain avoids an Ofcom, Iain’s best friend disappears without a trace, Iain talks the new iPhone reveal, Iain is sick of Paul from Stoke Poges’ jokes, Gerry shuts down after his drugs wear off, What would you ask your pet?, Dead people erections, Ricardo loves a bit of cat bum, Tony waits 10 years to speak to Iain and it gets a bit awkward, Kyle remembers Katherine’s Deirdre Barlow glasses, David Babcock’s dad tells Iain off and David shares his benefits difficulties.

Iain calls a radio lock in with Sally getting flashed a Preying Mantis, Paul Hollywood’s Nazism, Ridiculous money for famous pictures and autographs and Iain and Katherine discuss dressing up in different sexes clothing

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Episode 357