Iain Lee – Monday 25th September 2017

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Iain’s visit to see Bucks Fizz, Iain doesn’t want Paul’s present, Iain challenges the listeners to “Beat the Intro”, Nick Knowles from DIY SOS actually sings for real, Katherine says the C word, Iain books a week of to Marrakech, Iain and Katherine guess the people in the Ferry Aid – Let it Be song, Going back to the ancient times, Chuck Winkle reports on a transcript of horrendous words between Trump and Kim Jong Un, Iain plays out the interview with Colin Shindler who wrote “Unpublished letters to the BBC” and Stock Aitken Waterman.

Iain secretly calls another lock In with Iain and Katherine going to see The Ferryman, Kyle tells Iain what someone says about the show, Jonathan gatecrashes a wedding without realising, Iain and Katherine do an intellectual quiz and Patrick wants to know if he is a tart for being admired in a graveyard by other men

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