Iain Lee – Friday 20th October 2017

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Iain is joined by Steven Page in the studio with his band who play live for him and Katherine!, Iain’s award, Schoo photographs, George doesn’t trust Dom from Dick and Dom, Pocket squares, Iain chats to Hisako in Japan Nigel from Maidstone wants his own show, Iain goes to the roof to set off some fireworks!, The American Guy chats about American radio and Dancin’ Days

During the Lock-In Katherine talks working on the Jill Dando reconstruction, Being scared at night and aware of people, Iain discovers Angels Piano on Periscope, Iain and Katherine munch on £50 of meat, Kelis’ Milkshake, Angels Piano from New York rings up!, Callum in China, David in Connecticut America and Sexy accents

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