Iain Lee – Friday 18th August 2017

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The pre-booked calls special, The two Caddicks, Lee talks the Havering Gazette and women on your shoulders, Dave does PornHub stump 3, singer changing accents in songs and big intakes of breathes in song, Two Holy Kens, Dom’s shoe size controversy, Andre talks Sex, Drugs N Rock and Roll, Cleo’s one minutes on birds, Lee thinks there are too many acronyms, What should Steven do with a fox intruder, The many Katia’s, Mike’s 48 hour movie script, Kyle from Rochdale and the DWP, David Nonce Babcock gets trolled, Sally’s emotional dilemma, Bill fails to turn up so Julie fills in, John watches a movie and talks Guns and Roses and Rocky brings us an alternative Beatles universe

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Episode 340