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Iain Lee – Friday 8th May 2020

Straight to air all night, David Babcock does Churchill, Michael has issue with his ex taking his son to see her new man, Sonny talks losing his sight last year, Line 3 asks The Lockdown, what's going on? and Posh Naomi meets the soundboard

Iain Lee – Thursday 7th May 2020

Jodie keeps swearing, Iain and John argue after he sends rude texts about the show and Iain, George is angry at nurses not getting pay rises, Iain takes the Bipolar test and Barry from Watford mocks the mentally ill and was in the army?

Iain Lee – Monday 4th May 2020

The care home Iain's mum is in has a coronavirus scare, Alistair's one year sobriety celebration, Barry from Watford and Iain insult each other, a lot, David Babcock does The Beatles and Robert talks working on London Talkback Radio in 1992

Iain Lee – Friday 1st May 2020

Straight to air all night, Angelos Epithemiou talks to the callers and sings his new song, Iain dumps a load of people, Vinny returns and has news, The boat guy gets angry, Line 6 has the opposite bands quiz and Kate is a nurse and wants more...

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