17th May 2009

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A BIG show today.  Iain and Eloise do their first solo show as Davis is off due to tragically losing a bollock in a spinning accident.  Also, Iain thinks clams underwater look like “pulsating psychedelic vaginas” – filth!  Rob congratulates Iain on convincing a woman he’s straight by marrying Fandango and Andy in Basildon – soon to become Andre – calls ‘Tim’ a lot.  Good news from the Sonys when Iain (but mainly Barry from Watford) wins a Sony Silver, coming second to a bunch of prisoners.  ANDY PARTRIDGE of XTC gives a brilliant phone interview, Milly Cupcakes does limericks for Iain, Elosie, Rob Burnett, but the main event is Iain wrestling a listener called Matt Early AND KICKING HIS ARSE!

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