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New this month – April 2017


I’ve been busy this month adding new content to the site as quickly as I can upload it, this is what has been added this month!,

Updating the LBC, Absolute, BBC and talkRADIO 2016 pages to include links to download them in one go as a ZIP or Torrent file!

Three new clips, Iain Interviewed on Frome FM, Iain and Charlie Cheese call Ian Collins & Iain calls Wild Al Kelly –
Two new shows from the 19th and 26th April with Alex Lowe from 2003 –
A new show from Horizon Radio back in December 1997 –

Two new XFM shows have been added here:

talkRADIO shows 1 to 150 (21st March to 28th October 2014) are now streamable and you can download them straight from the site!

Relieve the genius of Frank Sidebottom at:
96 new BBC 3CR 2012 full shows have just been added, now only missing 3 from 2012!
59 new BBC 3CR 2013 full shows were added to make it complete!
11 new BBC 3CR 2014 full shows were added to make it complete!
10 new BBC WM full show were added so it is now complete!
3 BBC 5 Live, 2 BBC Berkshire and 8 BBC London shows have gone up on:
A new page with Special Absolute podcasts is up at:
ain Lee and Watko’s Important Target is available at:
The Iain Lee Pocket Radio Show is up too!
The MSN GameCast Iain did with Nik Taylor and Verity Burns is up on
A bunch of random clips and shows including Iain Lee’s Christmas Ballon, Scott Balcony, The Comedy Club and a Radio Lecture are up on

19 new Absolute Radio uncut interviews have just been added!
8 new clips ranging from Jingles, Mario, Emergency tapes and sex noises are up on:
Series 2,3 and 4 of the Lost Initiative has been added!

Three of Iain’s show on XFM have been added here:
Three shows with Iain Lee and Alex Lowe have been added on the BBC 6 Music page:
Iain interviews XTC on the Clips / Podcasts page:

Hear Iain Lee and Gemma Cairney talk Big Brother 9 on Big Brother’s Big Ears:
Iain did three shows on Play Two & Play Talk UK which are now on the Clips / Podcasts page:
Iain’s prank call to Victoria Derbyshire on the Clips / Podcasts page:
Iain’s cover shows for Jon Holmes and George Lamb on BBC 6 Music:
Iain Lee & Sarah Beeny on BBC London on this page: