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Show No.Show DateShow InfoLinks to Watch
14Thursday 6th August 2020Twitch:
13Wednesday 5th August 2020Twitch:
12Tuesday 4th August 2020Twitch:
11Monday 3rd August 2020Hugh is making a movie and worked in a call centre with aliens?, Dexys Midnight Runners, lots of kids try and prank, Iain gets very musical and sings an original John Lewis ad?. Jobby plays a round of articulate and Iain & Katherine relive The Coventry Market MusicalTwitch: LINK (From 10:37)
10Friday 31st July 2020Iain hides the Bond, Pass the ChatOn returns, where a caller gets cut off as soon as another phones in, Iain talks not enjoying his counselling course anymore?, Nelly introduces his articulate but with sounds game and Vix talks moving home and her mum surviving cancerTwitch: LINK (From 13:11)
9Thursday 30th July 2020Iain & Katherine are joined by Rufus hound who talks lockdown, 20 years before we die? and he gets sexy, Aaron talks flat earthers, Iain revisits some jungle memories, A person phones in after 12 years, RandomBritishDude talks his mum struggling, Iain talks taking responsibility and Laura sings Both Sides, Now by Joni MitchellTwitch: LINK (From 12:12)
8Wednesday 29th July 2020Where's Pierce Brosnan hiding?,Adam Ant's awkward The Word interview, Dan asks if he should get into pirate radio, The smaller or taller game, Other Dan threatens David Attenborough?, Gerry takes us on a trip to see a cat, Michael talks finding your voice and cancel culture and Lee discusses having a racist dadTwitch: LINK
7Tuesday 28th July 2020Iain and Katherine are joined by Steven Page who chats and sings, Iain shows Steven his original songs, Iain is worried about the numbers on the Twitch show, James gets weird, Katherine talks women getting comments about their appearance, Iain becomes James Bond and get stuffed!Twitch: LINK
6Monday 27th July 2020Iain and Katherine are joined by Keith Malley & Chemda from Keith and The Girl who talks Chemda as a singer, The coronavirus and Keith roasts a person in chat, Simon in the New Forest talks falling out with his family over opposing political views, Revisiting winner takes all and Bruce talks leaving poo after burgling? and IndonesiaTwitch: LINK
5Friday 24th July 2020Iain fires out two songs, Katherine is followed by Paul McCartney, Alistair talks receiving a diabetes diagnosis, Ginger beard Mark on interviewing people and Iain phones Sam, his talkRADIO tech op to see if he remembers a list from ages agoTwitch: LINK
4Thursday 23rd July 2020Iain's internet goes down, Katie Puckrik joins Iain and Katherine who talks a drug using neighbour, Finding love in Covid and books, Iain chats with Random British Dude about streaming, Michael talks Iain's lost stuff and possibly revisiting it and friend of Iain, Emma rings up!Twitch: LINK
3Wednesday 22nd July 2020Iain and Katherine are joined by Mike McCartney who talks photograhy, Pete Best, Paul, Singing in China and the NHS, Tyler is 13 and in a foster home, Iain's shop rage, Animal sounds around the world and Mark talks life in the Cayman IslandsTwitch: LINK
2Tuesday 21st July 2020Rambo, Favourite potatoes, Katie is upset with a friend, Iain's done with the industry?, Leenus finds Iain again after a few years, Robin talks Tinder, Carl talks lockdown in Sweden, Nigel in Maidstone's been told coronavirus lies and Iain donates $40 to a 13 year oldTwitch: LINK
1Monday 20th July 2020Iain & Katherine return, Iain goes vegan, Bob Mortimer joins Iain and chats his wife's missing back, hospital visits, living in lockdown and fast running Keith?, Alistair's new job, Jacqui talks not realising her daughter had ADHD, Rating men with fish and Nigel in Maidstone does it's Nigel's time!Twitch: LINK
Show No.Show DateShow InfoLinks to Watch