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Iain Lee – Sunday 31st December 2017

By Matty

It’s Iain and Kath’s New Year’s Eve party!, Iain and Bill do ABBA, Iain steals his I’m a Celeb gear, Nigel from Maidstone’s got a song, Iain and Kath get their sausage out, Lewis has a admirer online he wants to meet, Waseem meets Andre, Iain’s Wacawave, Guy’s cheese allergy and Kid chat!

Iain calls a Lock In with more sausage fun, Katherine’s parents are swingers?, Derek Griffiths isn’t real?, Iain does the Barenaked ladies, Cornelius from Jon Holmes’ show talks his party and giving up smoking

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Iain Lee – Friday 29th December 2017

By Matty

New Year’s Eve is a bit rubbish, Racist Jonathan wishes he was Polish, Jordan argues with Iain over a rude tweet, The hated Beatles album, Scottish Amanda, Andrew has a question about dating a “little person”, What’s the point of Alexa?, Craig gets heated when talking about police cuts, Sophie only has one close friend and Khadir’s Korma delivery

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Iain Lee – Thursday 28th December 2017

By Matty

Bad Christmas gifts, Iain see’s the new Jumanji, Iain wants to get in to Bob Dylan, Keith refuses to rub his ribs, Oliver is the reason Iain got 2nd place on I’m a Celeb, James doesn’t want Nick Clegg to get a knighthood because he’s a “traitor”, Bathe in my milk, #DILF, Drone dud and Iain gets blocked by Mike Love

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Iain Lee – Wednesday 27th December 2017

By Matty

Iain see’s The Last Jedi, Angela’s Alexa, Andre chats to Kath, Iain plays the Speak Out Game, Racist Jonathan has a revelation, Iain would let people look at his peanuts, Old people becoming racist, Parental Locks and a Periscope Love Bomb!

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Iain Lee – Friday 22nd December 2017

By Matty

Straight to air calls all night, Waseem talks relationships with God, Frank Belushi gets caught as a sex pest, Father Christmas’ busy weekend, Iain vs a security guard, Iain gets sung to, Chuck Winkle reports on Kim Jong-un’s erection,The new Security Dodging game and Iain see’s a rubbish magician in Australia

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Iain Lee – Thursday 21st December 2017

By Matty

Iain meets a sweaty drunk woman, Hayden returns for more questioning, Francesca talks mental health, Songs with Nina in them, Katie returns for round 2 and gets upset, The Serenity Prayer, Barry from Watford gets musical, Malcom talks losing his dad to suicide and Iain discovers when Caddick met Sally

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Iain Lee – Wednesday 20th December 2017

By Matty

When have you lied to get out of trouble?, 9 year old Hayden asks the important questions, Tom calls in sick on the first day of his new job, Kaseef’s Stalin World War 2 theory, What are you doing on Boxing Day?, Iain on Loose Women, Jason shares that Iain’s time in the jungle helped him and his daughter, Adam wants to know why Iain wants more women callers, Iain interviews Jaret and Matthew about Kung Fu Elliot and Iain argues with Katie over more women callers

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Iain Lee – Tuesday 19th December 2017

By Matty

Iain talks being ostracized in the jungle, Katherine’s ungrateful hat, We wish you a reggae Christmas, Iain gets mobbed, Cliff Richards Diss, Kung Fu Elliot, The Star Wars rankings, Barry from Watford’s jokes, A Kiosk Keith bombshell and Steve Allen is a knob

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Iain Lee – Friday 10th November 2017

By Matty

Alan Caddick vs Paul Akinbola vs Andre from Basildon in three rounds of caller vs caller, Nick Knowles & Shane Ritchie’s new albums drops, Iain calls a Venice restaurant who tells him to put them “in your arse”, Vinny asks what are other uses for a ruler?, Iain talks about Louis CK and the recent allegations, The new I’m a Celeb lineup, Hisako talks drugs in Japan with Iain, Mo wants to legalise cannabis, Limmy makes jokes about the new female doctor who, Gone to Pot and Iain Periscope Love Bombs a Turkish lady called Fatma and a Feminist Muslim called Khalifa

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Iain Lee – Thursday 9th November 2017

By Matty

Other words for a hobo, Iain and Katherine discuss the recent sexual assault allegations against celebrities, Sally discusses sexual abuse against her dad, Jason wants to get out of jury duty, Lewis talks being falsely accuses of rape, In the Time to Change hour Iain speaks to Brian Dow who is Director of External Affairs at Rethink Mental Illness and Time to Change, Steve talks being depressed since 1993 and being abused and taking the perpetrator who also abused his brothers to court and Katie talks having depression, drinking and her heart stopping