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27/04/2017 Off

Jake Yapp in for Iain Lee – Wednesday 26th April 2017

By Matty

Iain’s got Tonsillitis so Jake Yapp is back!, Blowing ridiculous amounts of money on weddings, Hand Fasting, Hummus yeah?, Holy Ken talks North Korea and G takes issue with Ken’s attacks on paganism, Teeny cocks, Bottom only hugs, Paul talks Nick Knowles the bearded serial killer, Kay Burley the lizard neck and Kate Humble’s badger watch and Katherine reads Jake’s erotic fiction “In the slammer”

26/04/2017 Off

Jake Yapp in for Iain Lee – Tuesday 25th April 2017

By Matty

Iain takes the night off ill so Jake Yapp sits in for him!, 3-2-1 with Caddick, Living up to punching a shark, Holy Ken testifies, Sex, Drugs and Denture care, Paul’s I’m horny mashup, What is life like when you return to earth? and Katherine reads the erotic fictions “Emergency on Planet Flange” and “A Spirited Affair”